Monday, August 17, 2009

SSC Retreat

SSC Cross

At 'Camp Crucis' outside Granbury, for the annual SSC (Society of the Holy Cross) Chapter retreat. Its a good society, whose founder members were distinguished for their pastoral work in the slums of nineteenth century London. A far cry from country Texas, or is it?

Hard Luck Farm

Don't get me wrong, I love the country and the values of thrift, independance and freedom from the atheistical State. But that's not to say that life isn't hard for lots of people; sometimes its their fault, sometimes its not. Whatever the case, the Church should step up to the plate and exercise the virtue of Charity - like the founders of the SSC.

God bless,



Anonymous said...

I agree, somethings are out of our control but there is a lot of things that are in our control. It all depends on where your mind is and where it is going.

LSP said...

Thanks for that - I sometimes need reminding!