Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ban Ban Taliban

A soldier from 19 Combat Service Support Battalion, Royal Logistic Corps, provides top cover JPG (219.8 KB)

There's a daily update on terrorist activity at The Religion of Peace, here's a snapshot:

2009.08.19 (Yala, Thailand) - A villager is shot five times by Islamists while walking to a market.
2009.08.19 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Islamic bombers stage several coordinated blasts and manage to kill nearly one-hundred Iraqis and injure about six-hundred others.
2009.08.18 (Peshawar, Pakistan) - A civilian is kidnapped and beheaded by Religion of Peace militants.
2009.08.18 (Miranshah, Pakistan) - A suicidal Sunni rams a group of local soldiers with an explosives-laden car, killing four.
2009.08.18 (Badakshan, Afghanistan) - Taliban terrorists murder all four workers transporting election materials.
2009.08.18 (Uruzgan, Afghanistan) - A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out five Afghanis.

According to the Daily Express, a forum on Islamic Awakening had the following comments on recent British casualties:

“Isma’eel”, said: “Man, they really are dropping like flies over there lol [laugh out loud].”

Another, calling himself “AbuJunayd”, said: “Inshallah [God-willing] the more the kuffs [non-Muslims] deploy, the more the bros will send em back in body bags, or crutches or with serious psychological problems.”

“Waziri” said: “By command of Allah, the invading forces will be forced to withdraw humiliated and defeated by a group of men who between them do not possess even one transport helicopter.”

“Noorah”, said: “They are really getting whooped. Don’t know how they think they can win.”

You can read the whole story here and more than a few have speculated on Jihadist traffic from England to the North West Frontier and beyond. I'm no expert, but there might be truth in rumours of 'insurgents' turning up in Helmand with English Football Club tattoos...

Maybe they have, though its surely more likely that the U.K's homegrown Taliban are perfectly willing to stay at home.

Terrifying prospect.



Albert A Rasch said...


We have reached a point in Western Civilization where we are no longer willing to pay for our values in blood.

I've heard pundits, government officials, soldiers, officers, and plenty of folks that should know better saying things like: "We can't kill our way to a democracy." or "We can't kill our way to victory."


Every war, and this is a war, is won by killing the hell out of the enemy. The Taliban knows it, Al Queda knows it, every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the middle east knows it. It seems we in the West are the only ones that have forgotten it.

We win by killing the sons of bitches in the streets, fields, roads, mountains, caves, basements, compounds, and every God forsaken shithole they're in. And when they are all either beaten into submission, or good and dead, their sons and daughters will remember when the skies darkened from the bombers in the air, and when bullets flew like angry hornets. They will remember that rousing the gentle giant that is the West, means nothing but destruction and misery.

And they will remember when they were starving, cold, and dying, that only the Americans would feed, clothe, and minister to them.

We need to forget compassion. That is the weapon they use against us, our very own compassion. If we are to be safe in our own homes, we need to pay for it in blood, theirs, or ours.


And I know you're a man of the cloth, and if you think this is over the top, please feel free to delete it, no offense will be taken.

Anonymous said...

Amen Brother

LSP said...


I think you're right and that we should fight to win, or not fight at all. And, unfortunately, it seems that the language of violence is what the Jihadists understand.

So thanks for your comment and feel free to be passionate about it. I am myself.


PS. Like you used to be a soldier - but unlike you I wasn't very good at it!

Shibby said...

Arseholes like that aren't even worth listening to.

Highly opinionated morons with little or no sense of reality spewing their thoughtless shite on the Internet - kind of like me really.

So let them, but if they start acting violently on this nasty shit they think in your area, bust out some of those beloved guns of yours, LSP.

LSP said...

They have a strange habit of getting violent, don't they? Its enough to make me reach for m'gun(s).