Monday, February 8, 2021

Yes, We Play Requests


Yep, we do requests and I like this, from Wild Wild West:

RHT sent this in too, and here at the Compound we like it a lot:

And let's not forget Mr. Sinatra:

And that's just a few. Send in your fave tunes and off we'll go, to the Moon.

Your Old Pal,




Via Borepatch:

Dog Faced Pony Soldier


It ain't much, but it's honest work. And that's why I like it, in contrast to our nation's political probity. I mean really, does anyone, in their heart, believe Joe Biden won the election fair and square with more votes than any other candidate in history? 

Smart libs don't, but think themselves justified in the steal because Orange Man Such Nazi. Congratulate yourselves, progressives, when the Thought Stasi comes knocking at your door.

0400 hrs arrests aside, we live, I feel, in a world of deceit and lies. Of big money, lust for power and greed masking itself under the veneer of a pseudo civil rights movement. "Oh look! Now men can be womyn and have babies!" At last, at long last, the poor, downtrodden masses are free. Yes, to use the bathroom while reinventing themselves per Frankenstein. And on.

That in mind, I'm investing in the Peoples Currency, $DOGE. We set the price, and let's see it surge all the way to the Moon.

Your Friend,


The Dog's Gambit


Note, our dog's holding, diamond paws, as the rocket lifts off. Rocket? Let's zoom in.

And why not? Let's face it, Blue's trust fund isn't going to build itself.

So, time for a treat? I think we all know the answer.

In related news, the Peoples Crypto is surging into .08 territory with a view to a new floor and a further rise through the atmosphere to .09. From there? 1$ and into orbit. But what if the lovable and popular currency crashes like some failed Space X experiment?

Good question, you're down a few pizzas and... in a great position to buy the dip. But, to this financial expert's fiduciary eyes, it looks like $DOGE is on a steady rise to orbit instead of an ME 163 Komet style PnD spike.

Week on week return? 75% here, much WOW. Let's see this puppy escape the atmosphere and SOAR.

Your Pal,


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Big Crypto Clubbed Small Dog Barks Loud


Big Crypto, aka BTC and ETH took a clubbing last night, but not so much $DOGE, the world's popular and affordable electronic currency. That's only rising, and then some. Here's Zero on the reason for the furry little fella soaring into orbit:


But, while the major coins are suffering, the retail-frenzied 'GameStop effect' now seems to be spilling over to digital assets like Dogecoin and Ripple through r/Wallstreetbets’ crypto wing, r/Satoshistreetbets. Jay Hao, CEO of crypto exchange OKEx, told Cointelegraph that there is a deeper cause driving this current phenomenon:

“There is a great sense of injustice about some of the opaque practices of Wall Street and the unfair distribution of wealth. I believe that more and more of society is beginning to wake up to this fact particularly with the K-shape recovery that we are seeing in which high-net-worth individuals have increased their wealth during the pandemic. With more platforms allowing retail investors direct access to invest in equities, we are seeing a democratization of the investment space and more power in the hands of the people.”

Ben Zhou, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Bybit, told Cointelegraph:

“The recent feats of r/wallstreetbets have made social media and Reddit users realize how powerful a force a decentralized online community can be when they put their mind to it. The ongoing legal troubles of XRP’s parent company Ripple Labs have rinsed out much of the shorts and made the gambit easier to execute, while the jocular nature of DOGE means it’s likable and easy to root for — thus in both cases there was not an immediate selling power to counter the pump.”

And combined with Elon Musk's recent "meme"-ing efforts, that has sent DogeCoin ripping higher...

Higher? Better believe it, with $DOGE hedgefighting against sell resistance in the .070s. My prediction, not that it's worth anything because I'm not a financial advisor and lost all my guns in a boating accident, is that this puppy's set  to run and play. It's left the runway and starting to fly. Moving on?

Buy dips, hold. Don't sell. That's the spirit of the age.

Your Friend,


Saturday, February 6, 2021

How To Invest


That is all.



To The Moon

Lift Off?


Wow, the PEOPLES CRYPTO surged into ZERO SIX territory today. What does this mean? That a dog-faced crypto's going to the Moon? Me? 50% ROI. Nice.

As it is, buy the dip and don't look back. This puppy's jumping high. So what? So a lot. Hold strong and know that you're helping this furry little fella to the MOON. OK, maybe you don't get it. Here's the deal.

$DOGE is a peoples currency, we set the price, along with Mr. Musk. Sorry, banksters. And btw, HOLD, let's get to the Moon, kids.




Friday, February 5, 2021

Hippies Are Rubbish - A Cautionary Tale


Hippies start off well with love, peace and save the planet. Good call, who wants hate, war and a ruined ecosystem. Then they hold a festival, aka freak fayre, and throw all their trash around, wrecking the park. Not so green, but some of them are politicals. Here's a quick real world example, from long ago 'Nam, Cheltenham:

Bullsh*t Nige: "I ain't part of no system!"

LSP: "But Nige, don't you collect a giro? (welfare)"

Nige: "I does."

LSP: "That makes you part of the system, right?"

Nige: "Errrrr... But I got a workshop outside Swindon!"

LSP: "What?"

Nige: "Makes howitzers, nuclear howitzers! And a UFO."

To be fair, Nige wasn't so much a hippy as a lower order biker who lived with Big Frank, a prospect, at the time, for the Wolves Outlaws, or "Wolfies." A friend, PA, said one morning as we srolled through the Regency streets of England's premier spa town, "Imagine. Nige wakes up, 'Frank! I can't tie my boots!' Wheels turn, 'Fkn eat them then!'" I had to laugh.

Well, PA went blue not long afterwards, followed by FT, S, K, SB and others. What a waste of young life! I rebelled, joined the army, left the Glorious Glucesters and became a padre. So there you have it. 

I hope Nige is lording it over copious pints somewhere in 'Nam right now, when not gunning his hog past Imperial Gardens. And yes, hippies are and produce rubbish. They don't wash, either. Just stating the obvious.





Another Day - In Texas


The sun's shining, a pair of hawks circle overhead seeking whom they may devour, and a Heeler prowls through his territory. It's another day in Texas, and thank God for that.

Less happily, the Virtual Mirage DNS server's down and LL says, "Sorry it's down, I'm working on it." Good luck, Mr. Wolf, let's see that tech behaving and back in the fight.

In the meanwhile, everyone's favorite crypto is on the runway at a around .045 and some predict a breakout to .09 if the peoples crypto powers through sell-off resistance in the .05 range. Come on, pup, fire up those engines! To the moon? u/International_Club95 thinks so:

After that, it will swerve between £21-34 with 29 as a frequent picnic area. Reason being, it has a unique nature in that it will more frequently permit others to catch it's price uplift. Then circa 2027, it will attempt a further sweep upwards. This will turn out to be a very playful coin for the masses.

This new decade is one of curveballs and kismet.


Curveballs and kismet?  

You bet, 


Thursday, February 4, 2021



If you sell your Dogecoin for useless dollars, how will you buy a moon house or moon food once we get to the moon? Checkmate, paper hands!

Elon Musk's thrown his hat in the ring for the Peoples Crypto, yes, everyone's favorite dog-faced currency. Perhaps that's why the price of $DOGE broke through the .04 barrier while I was saying Mass and surged into .05 territory.

Billboards in Times Square don't hurt either. #BuyDoge and don't even think of selling your infinite upside for the price of an infinite downside night out in Dallas.

Some people don't get that, they don't believe in the Peoples Crypto, so they sell. Some make money, like the PFC's Sergeant who bought at .002 and sold for a gain of 20k. 

Well done that man, but think of what you've missed out on; life in Switzerland, the Moon and beyond. But what do I know, I'm just a lowly LSP who likes space rock and a dog-faced pony soldier of a coin. 

At the time of writing, our wildly successful $DOGE position has dipped into .04 land, but I'm still holding. Diamonds are created under pressure. 

Your Pal,


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Buy Low Sell High


$DOGE had a bullish day hitting .038 with a promise of .04 before falling back to a sturdy .037 and then rising after hours back to .038. Unlike XRP which pumped and dumped 50% over the last two days. By contrast, everyone's favorite dog-faced crypto held its own and then some. Have a look:

Here's the longer picture, before the adorable Shiba  gained in value, again.

Look at that chart. It says standing on the runway ready for take off and 8 million WSB autists look favorably upon this dog. Do the math. So convinced by fundamentals and market sentiment I bought MOAR $DOGE. Look, Blue's trust fund isn't going to build itself. 

Let's see how this play works out, and I tell you, I'm holding, diamond, to the Moon.

Your Pal,




Note Doge at 203:

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Presentation

LORD, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, * according to thy word.
For mine eyes have seen * thy salvation,
Which thou hast prepared * before the face of all people;
To be a light to lighten the Gentiles, * and to be the glory of thy people Israel.

Gloria Patri...

Happy Candlemas, crew. Hope you're soaring, to the Moon.




Just For Kix:

*Its become something of a tradition at St. xxx to preface the Candlemas sermon with a quotation from one of the English reformers. Last year we heard from the one time Bishop of Worcester, Hugh Latimer, and not wanting to let go of a good thing, we’ll hear from him again tonight. The zealous Bishop is writing to a friend in 1538 concerning a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He states:

“She hath been the devil’s instrument to bring many, I fear, to everlasting fire; now she herself, with her old sister Walsingham, (and) her young sister of Ipswich… would make a jolly muster at Smithfield. They would not be all day burning.” The reforming prelate goes on to refer to an image of Our Lady as, 'That great sybil.'” 

There’s plenty more in a similar vein; listen to a layman this time, John Falkes: “it is a foolish thyng to offer to the Image of our Lady… her head shalbe hoare (bef)or I offer to her, what is it but a blocke? If it could speake to me, I would geue it an halpeny worth of ale.”

Latimer, and people like our friend John were pleased because the great shrine statues of the Virgin Mary in England, which the people had venerated for centuries, were being sent to London to be burned. They were to be destroyed, just like the religious houses which had grown up around them. For Latimer and his friends, many of whom were to become vastly rich through the sale of Church land, this was a good thing. Why?

Sheer, unadulterated, demonic greed aside, they felt the Catholic religion, substance and outward sign, doctrine and popular expression, was so much blasphemous fable. They didn’t believe. For them, the statues of the Saints and the devotion centered on them was a simple matter of idolatry; they detracted from the worship due to Christ alone and were therefore idols, fit to be burned. A fitting punishment for graven images that led men to hell fire itself. 

Well, they were burnt, sometime in 1538, in Chelsea, and Latimer was a happy man. The idols had gone, the chief ones anyway, and so had their Shrines, not least Walsingam. But not all were pleased at the result; here’s another person writing, about a decade after the destruction of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. It’s anonymous and runs thus:

Bitter, bitter oh to behould 
The grasse to growe 
Where the walls of Walsingam 
So stately did shewe. 

Such were the works of Walsingam 
While shee did stand 
Such are the wrackes as now do shewe 
Of that so holy land. 

Levell levell with the ground 
The towres doe lye 
Which with their golden, glitteringe tops pearsed once to the skye.
Where weare gates no gates are nowe, 

The waies unknowen, 
Where the press of peares did passe 
While her fame far was blowen. 

Oules do scrike where the sweetest himnes Lately weer songe, 
Toades and serpents hold their dennes 
Wher the palmers did thronge. 

Weepe, weepe O Walsingam, 
Whose dayes are nightes, 
Blessings turned to blasphemies, 
Holy deeds to dispites.

So who was right, the iconoclasts, or their opposition? The people who destroyed the images and became millioniaires, waxing strong on the despoiling of the Church, or those who stood for the ancient devotion of the land? To put it another way, who was right? Churches like ours or those who scorn us as ignorant idolaters? Obviously, we think we’re in the right, otherwise we wouldn’t be celebrating this Feast of Candlemas, held in honour of the Blessed Virgin and her Son. Even so, we owe it to ourselves and to our opposition, ancient and modern, to clarify our position.

Latimer was wrong, we are not idolaters. When we light a candle at the Walsingham Shrine we are not bowing down to a pagan deity, that “great sybil.” We are not worshipping the Blessed ever virgin Mary as a god, on the contrary, we are asking her to pray for us, because we know that she is alive and in heaven. And just as we ask any holy person alive on earth to intercede on our behalf, so too do we ask the same of those in heaven, especially the  holiest of them all, the great Mother of God, Mary most holy, who brought salvation into the world.

More than this, our outward devotion to the Saints, not least the Virgin, with her shrines, statues and candles, isn’t some unnecessary distraction from the worship due to Christ alone, but flows from it. Good Christians naturally want to celebrate the lives of men and women of outstanding sanctity as these people are heroes of the Faith, demonstrating the redeeming power and love of Christ. They show us that the business of our religion is true, and so we set up representations of them in our churches to lead us to greater devotion to Our Saviour who was glorified in their lives. This isn’t graven idolatry, it is the normal piety of the faithful throughout the ages, of people who love Jesus and therefore love His Saints and most especially His Mother.

We see that here at St. XXXX; Bishop Latimer didn’t, and so he moved with his allies to stamp out such devotion. In doing so he destroyed the popular, natural, faith of the English; its no small wonder, I think, that when the statues of the Saints were taken away, so too was sainthood from the people. And for a fact, an England bereft of its Shrines became in short order the most godless country in Europe. It seems, then, that the final verse of our anonymous defender of Walsingham has a prophetic ring. To return:

What we’re doing tonight, on this Feast, is putting right that wrong. We are returning the Saints to the people so that we, in our turn, may strive to be saints, helped on by their glorious example and aided by their powerful intercession So tonight, as we light candles in honour of Our Lady, may the light of Christ’s love burn brightly in us that we too, with her, may join the heavenly host of souls redeemed by the grace and love of God.

Monday, February 1, 2021

What A Beautiful Day!


What a beautiful day! The sun shone, birds sang, the church persyns were happy and all was well with this rural slice of paradise in Texas. I even bought some of the best crypto on the market, the lovable Shiba-faced $DOGE. It wasn't hard. Simply download ANCHORUSD, get verified, link an account and off you go. Which I did.

Mission accomplished, I texted a pal:

"Just bought some Doge. Feel pretty good about it."

"I hate cryptos, but I love that dog!"

"Maybe you should buy some. It's pretty cool."

"Tell me, how much... did you buy?"

"48 bucks worth at .037."

"Phew, I thought you'd gone all in."

"Hmmmm. Maybe I should, maybe let's take this pup to the moon."


Woof. So that was fun, let's see how this dog runs, and in case you're wondering, here's my investment strategy. Analyse volume, inspect price differentials, buy the dip as opposed to eating it, and then... buy MOAR $DOGE. 

Will this famously attractive crypto fly into orbit and achieve dollar status? Let's hope so, Blue's trust fund's depending on it.