Saturday, February 6, 2021

Lift Off?


Wow, the PEOPLES CRYPTO surged into ZERO SIX territory today. What does this mean? That a dog-faced crypto's going to the Moon? Me? 50% ROI. Nice.

As it is, buy the dip and don't look back. This puppy's jumping high. So what? So a lot. Hold strong and know that you're helping this furry little fella to the MOON. OK, maybe you don't get it. Here's the deal.

$DOGE is a peoples currency, we set the price, along with Mr. Musk. Sorry, banksters. And btw, HOLD, let's get to the Moon, kids.





Kid said...

Well, after looking at a few of the exchanges to buy and sell this thing, it is obvious that at the very least they want to be linked to your bank account, no sending a check for $100 to fund your account then buying it. So my plan is to open a new bank account for exclusively managing DOGE transactions. Probably have to have some activity every 3 months or so to avoid penalties, but then IF the account gets hacked, there will be minimum very limited exposure to the "substantial wealth" in my regular accounts. ha

Plus excitement is high right now, I will wait for lower prices to buy anyway.


LSP said...

Good call, Kid. I went in at around .03 + bought a dip at .04, so that's all good; it's been fun to watch the playful pup rise and shine. Right now our dog's fighting through resistance in 07 land and let's see where that takes us. Super heavy volume and most of that in the buy area. Will it hit .08 by EOD? Good question, possible. For what it's worth, which isn't much, we could see the furry fella surging into the 1$ area before too long, but a steadier climb into orbit might be better. Hmmmm.

A new bank account makes sense, should've thought of that. Mind you, my 1st Inconvenience account's already pretty much exclusively used for the benefit of Blue's trust fund. So.

Lower prices? Smart, buy the dip don't eat it, and let's all get to the MOON.