Saturday, February 6, 2021

How To Invest


That is all.



To The Moon


LindaG said...

Love the dogs. :)

Went to a flea market this weekend. Reminded us of how much space we don't have now, haha.

But the biggest thing? We stopped at this really nice looking gas station. SWOOP. Never heard of it.

Was looking around and saw an ATM. For fake money. Bit coins and that sort of thing. I had to stare at it for a bit to be sure it was real.
Then I just shook my head and chuckled as I walked out with my banana bread -- which was very good, surprisingly.

Old NFO said...

Snerk... a Taurus??? Really???

RHT447 said...

Always liked this ending--

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Hope he got a 2003 Taurus with the 3.8. Not as good an engine as the 3.0 but came with a better transmission.

LSP said...

Linda, such adorable dogs!

But wow, you found a crypto atm? Only seen pics. But here's the thing, how much less real is crypto than USD? Maybe it's sounder, given it's not a debt instrument issued on the full faith and credit of the Democrat party. Hmmmm.

I love banana bread.

LSP said...

Yes, a Taurus, NFO. And I have to say, I liked/posted that infographic for its realism.



LSP said...

Dam, RHT!


LSP said...

Mr. WSF, we can but hope.

Ed Bonderenka said...

My son's been riding the Doge and is up a couple hundred over the week.

LSP said...

Good for him, Ed! 10th most popular crypto right now... let's see if it hits 1$ anytime soon.

Btw, if anyone had put 5k into it on Jan 1 they'd... be able to retire. I didn't, annoyingly :)