Saturday, February 20, 2021

Wymyn Priests Are So Very Awesome


One of the best things about wymyn priestesses is their total awesomeness.

They can be High Church.

They can be Low Church.

They can be something else again.

That's enough awesomeness for now. Here at the Compound we hope you've enjoyed this short photo essay on wymyn priests. They were going to bring vibrant growth and cultural acceptance to our Holy Mother, the Church. But they didn't. 

Perhaps people weren't fooled by people pretending to be something they didn't believe in anyway.

Your Old Friend,



Adrienne said...

Good grief! Not only do I hate Barbie dolls (ugly), but now they have minister Barbies? Arrrrrrrrrrgh!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Tsk, tsk! You are not "woke".

Undergroundpewster said...

Are you sure they are wymyn? They might be something else when you lift up their cassocks.


At my Synagogue we had a great Rabbi, who welcomed my (nominally Muslim wife) and I to the congregation. Not long after we joined - as I understand it from a former member of the shul - the board pushed him out. He left to "pursue other interests" and we got an interim female Rabbi. What a catastrophe she was.

The first Passover with my wife we attended the communal Seder. I swear this woman walked in half-sloshed already. As the ceremony dragged on, and hunger was eating at everyone and making kids restless, she handed out leeks and scallions to the kids and said this was an "Ethiopian Jew" tradition to gently hit each other on the heads with them. The result was utterly predictable (and I whispered to my wife UH OH)... the place looked like the entire lot had been run through a food processor.

Not long after we got up and left.

Ironically, I remember being asked after my Bar Mitzvah if I supported women as Rabbis. I said yes. Based on this, and a few other experiences with female Rabbis, I'd amend that.

Paul M said...

Nice Barbie collection you have there, didn’t know she came in clergy models. Are the sets complete with altar and little cups?

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting hetero-normative propaganda - every one knows that Wymyn include every person who identify as Wymyn. You also notice none of the so-called Barbies are disabled, fat positive, a POC or own a rainbow unicorn - fake Wymyn! Fake Wymyn Priests! I am shocked - this is the 21st Century, Trump is no longer President and 'Piglet' Biden is taking us somewhere over the rainbow for his mate Winnie the Pooh. Sorry but TERF Barbies are Triggering.

Kid said...

I'm going to go with you on the female Priests.

Your thoughts on this LSP? Got it in email.

Joe Biden’s Dept. of Energy Blocked Texas from Increasing Power Ahead of Killer Storm

A week before, Texas begged for help and asked for DOE to lift federal regulations barring state's energy.

An Emergency Order from the Biden administration’s Department of Energy shows Texas energy grid operator ERCOT was instructed to stay within green energy standards by purchasing energy from outside the state at a higher cost, throttling power output throughout the state ahead of a catastrophic polar vortex.

Going into effect Sunday, Feb. 14, Emergency Order 202-21-1 shows the Energy Dept. was aware of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s statewide disaster declaration and that ERCOT was readying gas utilities in preparation for a demand surge.

The order shows Acting Energy Secretary David Huizenga did not waive environmental restrictions to allow for maximum energy output, instead ordering ERCOT to utilize all resources in order to stay within acceptable emissions standards – including purchasing energy from outside the state.

Moreover, the order instructed an “incremental amount of restricted capacity” to be sold to ERCOT at “a price no lower than $1,500/MWh,” an increase of over 6,000 percent over February 2020 prices of $18.20.

On Wednesday, the Dallas Business Journal reported, “Electricity on the Texas grid has averaged about $1,137.33 per megawatt hour so far in February, up from $18.20 per megawatt hour in February 2020, according to data from the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas. That’s a jump of more than 6,000 percent.”

Days later, the Public Utility Commission of Texas set prices at $9,000/MWh.

The EO shows the Biden administration basically ordered ERCOT to throttle its energy output by forcing it to comply with environmental green energy standards, while knowing full well Texans could freeze to death in their homes with zero electricity as temperatures plunged into the single digits.

Ed Bonderenka said...

The brunette seems to be the archetype.
Stereotype, even.

Old NFO said...

Interesting post.... LOL

LSP said...

Adrienne, you'll be interested to know that the brown haired priestess featured in the photo essay is the inventor of the wymyn priestess barbie.

Kyrie Eleison.

LSP said...

Dammit, WSF, you caught me out, AGAIN.

LSP said...

I hadn't thought of that, Pewster, but now I have and it's not a pretty picture.

LSP said...

N, I can imagine the Seder scene... and, preaching to the choir, there's for the kind of tradition we're talking about here. Too bad we're going to have to reinvent wheel, or relearn from communities who have the sense to set themselves apart from the trend.

PS. Aba!'s in the magazine. Good stuff, I'll send a link when it's online.

LSP said...

Thanks, Camperfixer. And yes, there's a set with all of that. Hours of fun.

Hmmm. Now you've got me thinking, maybe it's time to team up with LL and Jules to make a barbie wymyn priestess video. Creepy, eh?

LSP said...

Wow, Anon!

I was hoping no one would notice, but you did. I am truly sorry and apologize for such unwarranted macro-aggression.

Everything will be put right in the vdeo.

LSP said...

I saw that, Kid. (Infowars)

If it's true, then I'd say we're in class action lawsuit territory. But would anyone dare? You know, lest they be suicided.

LSP said...

I was thinking exactly that, Ed. And she's the author of these dolls, apparently. Projection?

LSP said...

Just trying to lift everyone's spirits, NFO.