Friday, February 5, 2021

Hippies Are Rubbish - A Cautionary Tale


Hippies start off well with love, peace and save the planet. Good call, who wants hate, war and a ruined ecosystem. Then they hold a festival, aka freak fayre, and throw all their trash around, wrecking the park. Not so green, but some of them are politicals. Here's a quick real world example, from long ago 'Nam, Cheltenham:

Bullsh*t Nige: "I ain't part of no system!"

LSP: "But Nige, don't you collect a giro? (welfare)"

Nige: "I does."

LSP: "That makes you part of the system, right?"

Nige: "Errrrr... But I got a workshop outside Swindon!"

LSP: "What?"

Nige: "Makes howitzers, nuclear howitzers! And a UFO."

To be fair, Nige wasn't so much a hippy as a lower order biker who lived with Big Frank, a prospect, at the time, for the Wolves Outlaws, or "Wolfies." A friend, PA, said one morning as we srolled through the Regency streets of England's premier spa town, "Imagine. Nige wakes up, 'Frank! I can't tie my boots!' Wheels turn, 'Fkn eat them then!'" I had to laugh.

Well, PA went blue not long afterwards, followed by FT, S, K, SB and others. What a waste of young life! I rebelled, joined the army, left the Glorious Glucesters and became a padre. So there you have it. 

I hope Nige is lording it over copious pints somewhere in 'Nam right now, when not gunning his hog past Imperial Gardens. And yes, hippies are and produce rubbish. They don't wash, either. Just stating the obvious.






Well Seasoned Fool said...

Way back machine late 60's the Sierra Club had a retreat/camp out at a lake in the Colorado Mt Zirkel Wilderness area. After they left, took locals days to collect the trash and years for the damage to plants and trees to recover.

drjim said...

They're unruly, unwashed, spoiled children. At least the ones I've met are. Maybe 5% stay "pure", and pick up their trash, but the rest? BAH!

Kid said...

Lived through the 60's. Regarded hippies as alien creatures with severe mental problems.

Today is Same as it ever was.

Wild, wild west said...

If memory serves, If you failed at being a hippie, you could always become a Hare Krishna, or perhaps a Moonie. But I might be misremembering the process and it could have been the other way around.

Suzanne said...

It was reported that Mayor Jon Albert of Orlando proclamation praised Trump’s accomplishments over his four years in office, and pointed out that he received 76% of the vote in Florida to change February from Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to Donald Trump Day instead.
The vote came two weeks after Sabatini, R-Howey-in-the-Hills, proposed renaming U.S. Highway 27 in Florida the President Donald J. Trump Highway

LSP said...

WSF, they have a knack of trashing the countryside, and their dwellings. My dad, rip, used to say, "I was in favor of the hippies, then I realized there was an old American word to describe them, 'hobo' or 'bum.'" of course "two bit grifter" works too.

LSP said...

drjim, I'd say you're right in the x ring.

LSP said...

Sure seems that way, Kid. Though we must thank God they're not a massive "cultural force" today. Mind you, a tipi might come in handy when the walls come crashing down. But make sure there's an *net connection to BUY $DOGE.

LSP said...

Whoa, WWW! I'd forgotten about them but now I remember. Yep, they were index linked, no doubt about it. Used to offer free veg curry in London, as I recall. Never went.

LSP said...

Suzanne, I'd argue Florida the metric for the nation. Others disagree, that's why they have to protect themselves with thousands of troops. But how loyal will those soldiers be? Seems the new boss at the Pentagon isn't too sure.