Thursday, February 18, 2021

Can We Take You Seriously?


How can we take you seriously, so-called LSP, when you're heavily invested in magicke, dog-faced internet money? Good question and perhaps you shouldn't, but why wouldn't a joke crypto like $DOGE be any less valuable than a joke real world currency like the US Dollar?

That in mind, I went in at .03 and the initial investment's doubled in value, thanks very much, puppy. But will the playful dog leap higher? Well, it's certainly got plenty of positive press; after all, who doesn't like an adorable Shiba? See here, here, and here. To say nothing of Elon Musk, Gene Simmons and Snoop Dog's endorsement. But is it a wise investment? For sure, if you're a time traveler and bought at .0001/2. Do the math, but now?

Some random chart

Perhaps, if you have a couple of thousand hundred bucks ready and waiting to go on a capricious dog who's going dirt cheap, and the emotional fortitude of watching the pup leap and play with apparent disregard to life and limb. As it is, everyone's favorite peoples' currency's rallying at around the .06 mark. If it leaps, digs and claws through .055-.060 resistance, then experts predict a potential breakthrough to .090. 

Which'd be grand. Will it happen? I don't know, but I do know this. Buy and hold because Fortuna rewards the patient, and don't lay down anything you're not prepared to lose. Not that I'm a gambling man, just ask the monkey. He's a vicious beast. Devil take the hindmost and remember, 1 $DOGE = 1 $DOGE.

Ad Lunam,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Looks like fun.Id I ever get the $600 Stimulus I might play.

drjim said...

Got the client installed, and now I'm trying to figure out how to buy some DOGE!

Ritchie said...

I don't gamble much, I just trade in the stock market. Wait, what?

LSP said...

Well worth a bit of stimmy, WSF! And you never know, the peoples' crypto might take off and reach... the MOON. Might be a bit of a long journey, though.

LSP said...

drjim, you installed the client? Hardcore. I use the ANCHORUSD app, which is easy enough, though most seem to prefer Binance. The question is, buy now or later? Hard to tell given the volatility of the attractive if capricious pup. Saying that, he seems to have a fair bit of support in the .05s, which perhaps argues against a sudden fit of playing dead and falling asleep under a hedge. Hmmmm. We'll see.

Good luck!

PS. check out if you haven't already.

LSP said...

Ritchie, that's a very good point.

Of course I'm not a gambling man, but odds on the Shiba making it to 0.1?