Monday, February 22, 2021

This Is Not Financial Advice


People often ask me, they say, "How do you invest your money, LSP?" And I tell them, "In much the same way as everyone else, in $DOGE." Ha, ha they mutter, turning in greed to Bitcoin and the weirdly medical sounding "Ethereum." But here's the thing.

1 $DOGE = 1 $DOGE.

So where's our pup, the Peoples Coin? Fighting hard in the .05s. By Selene, we will win this war.

Ad Lunam,



drjim said...

My Doge Core installation is 93% synchronized.

I think lift-off will happen tomorrow!

LSP said...

Let's see, drjim. I bought the dip at .045. Let's see this pup JUMP UP.

Lift off tomorrow?

Let's see it, RUN, dog.

LSP said...

Hmmm. The capricious Shiba's been playing about in the .04 hedgerows today. Come on, dog, let's get a move on up into... ORBIT.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Is your house paid for?
Mortgage it.
Invest in something that will retain it's value in an inflationary period.
When that period hits and the dollar devalues 50%, sell that asset for twice what you paid for it and pay back the bank with half of that. Pocket the change.
Short selling America.

LSP said...

Good plan, Ed. And I'd consider it if I owned any property, but all I've got is a pocket full of $DOGE, which surged today, pleasantly. So did GME, speaking of shorts. Hmmmm.