Friday, February 5, 2021

Another Day - In Texas


The sun's shining, a pair of hawks circle overhead seeking whom they may devour, and a Heeler prowls through his territory. It's another day in Texas, and thank God for that.

Less happily, the Virtual Mirage DNS server's down and LL says, "Sorry it's down, I'm working on it." Good luck, Mr. Wolf, let's see that tech behaving and back in the fight.

In the meanwhile, everyone's favorite crypto is on the runway at a around .045 and some predict a breakout to .09 if the peoples crypto powers through sell-off resistance in the .05 range. Come on, pup, fire up those engines! To the moon? u/International_Club95 thinks so:

After that, it will swerve between £21-34 with 29 as a frequent picnic area. Reason being, it has a unique nature in that it will more frequently permit others to catch it's price uplift. Then circa 2027, it will attempt a further sweep upwards. This will turn out to be a very playful coin for the masses.

This new decade is one of curveballs and kismet.


Curveballs and kismet?  

You bet, 


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