Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Who 's Gonna Pay The Troops?


Rightist jaws are crashing in consternation with each new Executive Order. How many so far, 44? More, at least, in a couple of weeks than in the whole of 45's presidency. My God, what is this, a fiat government tyranny! Well yes, it is, protected by a few thousand National Guardspersons of dubious loyalty.

Regardless, no one's talking about this, and perhaps they should. The US debt is what, 27 trillion and counting? What does this mean? That $USD, which is a debt instrument at interest to the privately owned Fed Reserve, is essentially worthless? Something like that.

Now, do the math. All you political philosopher economists (PPE) crunch the numbers. Figure out the end game. When our hollowed out, rotten, fake money implodes, which it inevitably will, who's gonna pay the soldiers

But let's hope we don't go there. Who knows, maybe magicke will heal the US Dollar and all will be well. Don't count on it. Smart people are buying $DOGE at the dip and loading magazines.

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Old NFO said...

Interesting question! :-)

LSP said...

Along with $USD itself, NFO. I don't see how it ends well, but miracles do happen!