Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cardiff Met University Goes Full Snowflake

World famous Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU) has gone full snowflake, forbidding teachers from using offensive words like "waitress", "sportsmanlike" and "housewife" in case some of the college's pathetically sensitive crybaby students get offended by such strong, aggressive, frightening language.

Here's a list of some of the banned words and their suggested alternatives.

Housewife = Consumer? Well that's alright then. Instead of being demeaned by looking after a household and children and contributing to a fundamental building block of civilization, namely the family, you can just consume things. Like a mindless drek at the behest of your Globalist NWO Overlords.

Or, to look at it another way, "What if a woman falls in love with a house and wants to marry it? Are we going to deny marriage equality for people who were born with a building centered sexual orientation? Certainly she would then be a 'housewife', and calling her a mere 'consumer' of the house would be insulting to her spouse."

Cardiff Met, you may rank low in the UK's University ratings, but you score high in Snowflake Land. Here at the Compound we award you a sturdy 8, yes, 8, coveted Rainbow Unicorn Awards.

Well done,




LL said...

Wow - 8 unicorns. That must be a record. What is the Cardiff Mascot? I'm guessing a harbor trout.

Jules said...

But what if the( Housewife) Consumer is FAT? Sorry, I meant well rounded. They didn’t think about that did they....

How utterly ridiculous. How insanely sensitive the world is becoming when common language can’t be used anymore.

Shut up, Cardiff. Running (Man) person would be appalled.

Anonymous said...

Good job they do not speak Welsh at Cardiff Metropolitan University!

Cadeirydd = Chairman
Dyn Tân = Fireman
Gweinyddes = Waitress
Gwraig tŷ = Housewife
Cyndadau = Forefathers
Ddynoliaeth = Mankind
Cyfunrywiol = Homosexual
Enw cyntaf = Christian name
Dyn gorau ar gyfer y swydd = Best man for the job
Dyn y ddesg = Man the desk
Dyn yn y stryd = Man in the street
Polio ddioddefwyr = Polio victim
Dyn iawn-dyn = Right-hand man
Sbortsmonaeth = Sportsmanship
Dyn treth = Tax man
Teilwng = Workmanlike

O bydded i'r heniaith barhau! = Let the old language endure! The last line of the chorus of the Welsh National Anthem 'Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau' (translated in English as ‘Land of my Fathers’)

Ffyc y Saesneg! (Not a suitable phrase in translation for a Parson's blog.

underground pewster said...

The word "Humanity" will probably still melt the snowflakes. I agree with anonymous, they should be using the Welsh language anyway. Ddynoliaeth makes more sense and English is very offensive to Welsh snowflakes.

LSP said...

I might have to revise that figure downwards, LL, to make room for Harvard/Yale...

LSP said...

I'm a big fan of running man, Jules, and I know he wouldn't be impressed. What a crew of safe space snowflakes.

Aberystwyth? entirely different project.

LSP said...

Thanks, Anonymous, helpful.

LSP said...

That's a very good point, Pewster.

LindaG said...

Loved the list by Anonymous. What I find surprising, is that it is not just the United States going bat crack crazy!
Good grief!


Anonymous said...

I read over the weekend that pregnant women at some English university should not be called 'mother', because that's offensive to transgender individuals and expectant fathers. Good grief, the inmates are running the asylum!
- bread and bullets

LSP said...

It's a Western phenomenon, Linda. It doesn't bode well for what's left of our civ...

LSP said...

Surely, Anonymous, someone will rise up and smite these fools all the way back past the safe space. Soon, please.