Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fry 'Em Up!

This site's come under a lot of criticism lately, and why's that? Because I foolishly used frozen, store-bought chips (fries) at the last fish fry. "What kind of LSP are you?!?" commented the shocked punditry, "We expect slices of real potato, fried in lard, and nothing less." OK, I get it, point well made, so to correct the deficiency we went out to the lake and caught some fish, eight fat Bluegill and a small Black Drum.

Clean The Fish

Next step, set up two cleaning stations, yes, two, and fillet those fish like champions. Then later that evening apply beer batter and deep fry until golden brown, but don't forget the chips. Slice up some potatoes and fry them too. Use your memories of fish and chip shops in the UK as a guide, and when the tasty strips of potato look and taste right to chippie standard, take them off the heat, drain, and if necessary keep them warm in the oven while the fish does its thing.


Serve it all up with tartar sauce (easy to make) and whatever else sounds good, you be the boss of that. After all, it's your choice, not the Government's, not the tasseled loafer Beltway elite's, not the NWO globalist banksters and their Illuminati shills in the media and Hollywood, no, it's up to you

A Typical NWO Puppet

Did I use lard? Well, no, vegetable oil was the medium. But look, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Dogs Love a Fish Fry

In other news, the ghost of Lawrence of Arabia has been spotted, or was the "apparition" Tony Blair?

Fish On,



Anonymous said...

Northerners fry Chips in Lard and Southerners in Oil. Where is the Salt and Malt Vinegar? Come to that where is the dull grey rain, scavenging Seagull/Pan-handler and Pint of Bitter for that authentic British experience of eating Fish and Chips.

LSP said...

Patience, Anonymous, patience.

Adrienne said...

OMGosh - Blue Fisherdoggie looks so normal.

Even better than lard is beef tallow. Chips should be fried twice to be be really crispy. Fry half way, let them cool a bit, and then put them back in for the browning part. However, yours look really good.

LSP said...

He was very excited and happy about the fish prep!

The chips were good, sort of chip shop standard... like the double fry advice, I'll try that.

Theodore said...

Could probably use some HP sauce while you're at it.

But seriously, while I applaud the home-made chips, I'm more happy about the actual eating of caught fish. The one thing about fishing that I'm not on board with/never understood is "catch-and-release". I don't "catch-and-release" woodcock or deer. Granted it's slightly different between a hook and a shotgun blast, but still, doesn't releasing fish take half the point away from it all? I get that by releasing you allow the day to keep going and keep the experience going, but I've limited out on pheasant in 45min and then days when I didn't get anything and they were all amazing experiences afield. That's just my 2 cents.

Regardless, Bravo! and hope we get to shoot and cook up some game in a few weeks.

LSP said...

Interesting point. I think there's a difference in the sport, with hooking and landing a fish being the equivalent of shooting a bird, for example.

Once you've achieved that, the fish is free to go. Or not, if you're going to eat it. So I think you've got the point in the catch alone, or pretty much so. Still, extra satisfaction from taking it to dinner.

Looking forward to the visit! Let's try and get on some dove.

LSP said...
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LL said...

I hope that the cadets are given the potato peeling and fish cleaning chores -- because that's what cadets are supposed to do. Otherwise, the quartermaster at the compound seems to be providing excellent meals.

LSP said...

They most definitely were. I think you'd have approved...

LindaG said...

We use frozen potatoes quite often, too. Potatoes from the store spoil too quickly, frankly.
I bet that was a great tasting meal!
Sadly, never been to Merry Ole England; though hubby went a couple times in support of the SR-71.
Be safe and God bless. ^_^