Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Vultures Are Circling

And not just over the Anglican Communion, they're going for The Old Harridan herself. Even the smuglib Huffpo gets it:

A Los Angeles Times article titled Clinton email probe enters new phase as FBI interviews loom highlights why Clinton’s campaign is stuck in political quicksand:
Federal prosecutors investigating the possible mishandling of classified materials on Hillary Clinton’s private email server have begun the process of setting up formal interviews with some of her longtime and closest aides, according to two people familiar with the probe, an indication that the inquiry is moving into its final phases.
Prosecutors also are expected to seek an interview with Clinton herself, though the timing remains unclear.
Yes, federal prosecutors will interview Hillary Clinton, in addition to her close associates.
At what point will establishment Democrats admit this fiasco is horrible for a general election?

Yes, federal prosecutors will interview Hillary Clinton. But here's Andrew Napolitano on the implications of that:

Perhaps she now recognizes how hard-pressed she will be to claim to the FBI or to a jury that she did not know that satellite photos of a North Korean nuclear facility or transcripts from wiretaps of Yemeni intelligence agents' cellphone calls or the itinerary of the late U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens in the days before his murder or true names of American undercover intelligence agents — all of which were in her emails — were state secrets.

Perhaps she knows now that this is not a game.

Perhaps she does. Kick out the JAMS.



Infidel de Manahatta said...

Nothing will happen. She will not be indicted. After all the rule of law is racist and sexist and reeks of white privilege and patriarchy.

LSP said...

That's our Hillary, Infidel! But seriously, I think Martha's Vineyard's been granted immunity from prosecution.

LL said...

If they indict her it will not be for the felonious conduct. It will be because she's a WOMAN. It will be blatant sexism because they'd never indict a man...unless he's a General who got in Obama's way and needed to be removed with prejudice. Forget about that incident.

The only reason that people were upset about the Vince Foster murder is because he's a man. If he was a WOMAN, they would just take the First Lady's word that it was a suicide (even though no bullet was found and post mortem levidity suggests that he was murdered and then body-dumped at a park - and no suicide note was found until days later).

How can we endure this whole anti-woman thing in the Department of JUSTICE?

LL said...

...furthermore, the Huffington Post wrote this, "For the country, and especially the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton should concede the nomination to Bernie Sanders." How sexist is THAT?

Fredd said...

I am pondering the effect on the old crone's general election campaign should the FBI elect to dump their recommendation for an indictment on Janet Lynch's desk late in the game. You know, the ol' "October Surprise" move.

Think that will swing things in The Donald's direction?

LSP said...

I'm not an expert in asymmetric gender diversity, LL. But are you sure Bernie self-identifies as a "man"?

LSP said...

I think it might, Fredd. And even if it doesn't happen, the smell of the inquiry alone is noxious enough. Crooked Hillary doesn't look good at all, which forces the question. Why would anyone vote for her with any enthusiasm? Oh, yeah, they're not.

LL said...

The fact that Bernie was thrown out of a hippie commune for being shiftless qualified him for the life of honor, trust and profit that he has enjoyed in government service. As to his gender, Bernie likes to fish and hunt. He owns a number of firearms and is an enthusiast -- suggesting that he's male. You'd have to ask Mrs. Bernie, but it's possible that she carries his balls in her purse for him.

LSP said...

I like the shoot, fish and hunt part of Bernie's resume. Covers a multitude of sins.