Friday, May 6, 2016

Clown Mass & The Prancing Demon

Some clergypersons think that goofing off in a clown outfit will fill all those empty pews.

Perhaps they don't realize that clowns are sinister and frightening.

Satanism and witchcraft are on the rise in America.

Is there a correlation?

You be the judge, and in other news, Alex Jones has called Glenn Beck a "prancing demon." You can and should watch his epic rant of awesomeness here.



Adrienne said...

Both Alex Jones and Glenn Beck sound and like they need some serious mental health counseling. I cringe when people start blathering off about God speaking to them and only they have the truth. Next up will be a burning bush in their back yard next to their pool.

And I'm seriously tired of all the anti-Trumpers calling anyone who supports Trump stupid, evil, yada, yada, yada.

Cruz is not and never was who they think he is. He has some serious issues even if he's the "annointed" one.

Can any of this become any more insane?

Meanwhile, Trump is bringing up Benghazi, Clinton's money laundering foundation, and all the things that the feckless GOPe refuse to do anything about.

LL said...

If there are snake churches, and cowboy churches, and dancing lesbian churches, and tent revival churches there is not all that much of a gap to forming a clown church. I can only suggest that a steam calliope and a dancing bear should be part of the service. To do it right, there should be an elephant ride outside to reward good children.

Children of the 50's and 60's will remember Bozo the clown. Nobody back then suggested that Bozo would rise to run the nation but look what we have in DC... many hundreds of Bozos. The theme is consistent isn't it?

LSP said...

Who knew that God had a direct line to Alex Jones, Adrienne? But I did like the phrase "prancing demon." That was pretty inspired.

I'd like to think Trump will give Hillary a hammering -- it wouldn't be before time.

LSP said...

Bozo the Clown's a little before my time, LL, but DC and the Episcopal Church have more than made up for that lack. It's weird how churches and an entire government apparatus can get taken over by circus freaks. Scary.