Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Primates Have Spoken!

Variously referred to as Eloi and Morlocks, the Primates of the Anglican Communion have spoken, in the form of a Communique from their conclave in Canterbury. And the upshot is this.

The Episcopal Church will be reduced to observer status for a period of three years, with a voice but no vote in matters of Communion-wide decision making. Here's the relevant paragraph:

7. It is our unanimous desire to walk together. However given the seriousness of these matters we formally acknowledge this distance by requiring that for a period of three years The Episcopal Church no longer represent us on ecumenical and interfaith bodies, should not be appointed or elected to an internal standing committee and that while participating in the internal bodies of the Anglican Communion, they will not take part in decision making on any issues pertaining to doctrine or polity.

In the meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury's been asked to set up a "Task Group" to maintain conversation, and explore "our deep differences." The Primates hope this will lead to a "restoration of relationship."

Typical White Privilege

Good luck with that, and you can read the whole thing here and on every other Anglican news site. On the positive side of the trad ledger, the pansexualist Episcopalians have been disciplined, a bit, and Christian marriage has been upheld by a majority of the Primates (see para 4 of the Communique). On the negative side, the Episcopal Church is still part of the Communion, albeit a rusticated one. The libs can take solace from that, their "authenticity" remains intact, if at something of a remove.

So, for the next three years the Communion will continue to "walk together." How two mutually incompatible religions, living under the same denominational roof, can avoid further conflict is a puzzle that will doubtless continue to bedevil the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

I'm not a betting man, but I'll wager my fighting monkey against any three of your priestesses that it can't be done.




LL said...

Steers don't sign treaties with meat packers.

Michael Peterson said...

Bonus points for the Time Machine references.

LSP said...

You know turkeys, LL, they will keep voting for Christmas.

LSP said...

The Time machine does seem weirdly appropriate, Padre.

LL said...

The liberal high rollers who lead from on high don't want to be left with the shards of a church, those shards made up of a few witches, blatant homos and various unappealing turds who would alienate Satan, himself. The population of righteous people would abandon them even more than they have and will go their own way. Even though the wealthy primates (I still laugh at the term) would remain ridiculously bathed in riches, they want power as well and fawning congregations. Their problem is that good people are revolted by them.

People don't join the Anglican communion (for the most part) to rub elbows with Satan's imps, and those who travel in their wake.

Alan said...

Well it seems the worse fate of being of 'eaten by the Morlocks' has been avoided. Undoubtedly the coincidental death of David Bowie, proclaimed a Hero of the Revolution by Tony Blair and the BBC (shutting their eyes to Bowie's admiration for fascism and personal responsibility for the Laughing Gnome song) saved this event from being a media show trial. However what coverage there was did reveal for the first time to many readers of daily newspapers in England really heard much about the condition of the Episcopalian Church in the United States.

LSP said...

It'll be interesting to see how TEC's numbers go for the next three years, LL -- '03-'14 was dismal. I doubt they'll buck that trend. How many trans abortionists want to go to church anyway?

LSP said...

I'd forgotten about the Laughing Gnome song, Alan.

LL said...

LSP, witches have covens. And having a corrupt priest share doctrines of men (mingles with a few scriptures) that justify perversions is not uncommon. The problem TEC has is that they have ratified and institutionalized the practice by ordaining lesbians, and people who are unclean. And then they step back and wonder why good people reject it.