Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anglican Gender Justice

Do you remember the latest headline-breaking news about the Church of England? That it had launched a bold new ecotheology initiative to reduce its carbon footprint? Well, that's not all.

Gender Justice Warriors

Courageous Anglican gender justice warriors met at a workshop in London in March to kick off an "international movement for gender justice."

Anglican Communion Office

According to Revd Terrie Robinson, Director for Women in the Church and Society (WITCHS) at the Anglican Communion Office, “The workshop was a constructive reminder that we will travel further in our efforts for gender justice if we travel together. Women and men have become trapped in distorted mythologies around power which erode the status and agency of women, deny men and women the benefits of just gender relations, and get in the way of development, health and well-being."

Distorted Mythology?

Vicious rumors that the Anglican Communion Office has been taken over by space aliens are just that, rumors.

Travel Together

Former oil executive, Justsin Welby, is Archbishop of Canterbury.



LL said...

The WICHS have your back. They may put you inside a wicker man on Halloween just to show you how much they care. Then again, holy scripture advices that we should never suffer a witch to live...

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Gender Justice? They were my favorite female rock bank in the '80s!

LSP said...

But are the WICHS controlled by alien implants, LL?

LSP said...

They were really great, Infidel. I especially liked their smash hit single, "Zimbabwe."

Alan said...

A sad reflection indeed of intellectual fashions in faith. As the Gospels record Jesus went out and healed the sick and demon-possessed and inspired the churches of many nations for the past two millennia to go to the aid of those in need of practical care and support. From the moment of conception through to the end of life the churches have played an important social role in treating and comforting those who are sick. Christianity also once inspired many politicians to go and do the same. Now it is offering "gender justice"