Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jade Helm

Multiple operators loaded up rods and rations into GWB's rig and headed off to a clandestine staging area, somewhere in Texas. Our mission? To catch Bass.

Arriving on target, intel reports proved true, the opposition had several things in their favor: snagging lake weed, searing heat, vicious fire ants and mud. Some would have given up and gone back to the creature comforts of base, we did not.

GWB advanced swiftly to contact, making bold casts to the center, left and then right flanks of the position. Four Bass down, I followed through to the center with a dark worm and reeled in Old Leviathan.

By then the sun was beginning to set over the lake and we hoped for a magic hour of jumping, fighting and biting Bass. This never came, but it was beautiful to be out at the lake.

Mission accomplished, we headed West, or was it East, back to HQ.

Fish on,



LL said...

I love it when a plan comes together (and you catch dinner).

LSP said...

For sure!

LL said...

Most people in Southern California don't realize the fish don't just "come from the store". I recall an incident when my young girls were on a trip and ordered chicken. It arrived and they started to eat, STARTLED that there were bones in it. (They had boneless, skinless filets at home). I said, yes, a chicken is a bird. They'd never equated the chickens of song and story with what they had been eating.