Friday, July 31, 2015


I took a break from ordering lion brisket burritos and went to the Meadows Museum, in Dallas. The Infanta Margarita featured largely. Beautiful.

The recruits thought some  Picasso sketches highly amusing. "Do you think he was drunk?" they asked. "I should imagine he was," I replied.

Note the Chains.

There's an outdoor sculpture exhibition at the Meadows, which reminds me of a young man who took apart a piece of metal in Hackney, thinking it was scrap, and then sold the pieces; a blowtorch was involved. Saying that, I like the wavy bronze installation in front of the place. Neat.

Rock On

At the end of the day we relaxed on the porch and watched the sprinkler, pretending it was raining. And that was just fine.

Is it Raining?!?

If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill it.



LL said...

I think that Picaso dropped acid. I've never known of alcohol to have that profound of an effect on a brain.

LSP said...

You may have a point...

LL said...

I take it that you have had a glass of wine in the past. Were you able to paint like Picasso after two glasses of wine? No -- didn't think so. Me either. I would have gone into the wine drinking and art business a long time ago - getting $10 million for each of my scribbles.