Friday, July 17, 2015

Fort Worth, Leader of the Pack?

I've been at the International Congress of Catholic Anglicans in Fort worth (ICCA). What was it like? Here's a quote from Balaam's Ass (BA):

“We’re gathered at a time of crisis and because of a crisis. We stand for the Faith and Order of the undivided Church, yet we have a proliferation of jurisdictions. The overriding purpose, the imperative of our meeting, is to address our ecclesial deficit.”

BA continued, “In doing so, and when we’re done, would to God that Betjeman’s words might be extended to this Anglo-Catholic Congress: ‘Those were the waking days, when Faith was taught and fanned to a golden blaze.”

You can read the whole thing here and while you're at it, ponder the unholy alliance between Planned Moloch and our new SCOTUS inspired Rainbow Utopia.

In the meanwhile, Fort Worth? Ahead of the pack.



LL said...

I read through it. I would need stimulants to remain awake (sorry). I know that it's your job, but these folks must just love to hear themselves talk.

LSP said...