Saturday, July 11, 2015

Baltimore Mayor Attacked by Lacheisha!

Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, was attacked this morning by Lacheisha Pailin-Sheffer at the Mondawmin Festival. Lacheisha poured a cup of water on Rawlings-Blake and was dragged off to jail by the Mayor's special guards.

Baltimore has been plagued by residents not paying for their water.As of March, 25,000 thirsty customers owed the City some  $40 million in unpaid bills. So Rawlings-Blake decided toturn off the spigot, leading to 150 shut-offs a day in April. 

Detroit has a problem with unpaid water bills, too.

Weird, eh?



LL said...

I think that it's time that we tax the non-inner city people for the water usage of the inner-city folks so that really impotent people like her majesty, the mayor aren't publicly humiliated by having urine - or water - or whatever it is thrown on them. But that's just me. I'm generous like that - so long as we're speaking of Baltimore.

Adrienne said...

I think they already do that in St.Paul/Mpls (Agenda 21.) Not necessarily for water, but suburban tax monies flow to the inner city. I doubt most the commies up there even realize that.

BillB said...

Most of the commies up in the PDRM (People's Democratic Republic of Minnesota) do care as it is the "fair" thing to do in their book and as middle class commies they are not much impacted. But when it comes a time that it really impacts them, then yowls of "unfair" will issue forth from their pens and mouths.

LSP said...

Her Majesty the Empress of Baltimore demands your tribute!!

The PDRM and St. Pauls/Mpls can knock themselves out, but I don't think Texas wants to play, except in Austin. Which is different.