Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Justin Welby, Climate Change Goof Off

Church of England leaders, led by their top decision-maker, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, have ruled that fighting climate change is a "holy duty."

Meeting at their Synod in York, the Cof E rulers have called for their future ministers to be trained in ecotheology and ecojustice. To help with this, Welby, who is known around the world as Dobbie, suggested that "cutting back on paper" and less "travel" will make the dwindling church greener.

Other measures include diocesan "ecocommisars", taking less photos on cell phones and installing solar panels. The Synod drew back from a proposal asking church members to not eat a sandwich on the first day of every month.

The CofE will encourage its declining membership to "fast and pray" against the evil of climate change, so that the weather will get colder by 2 degrees celsius.

Perhaps you think I made this up, as some kind of joke. Think again.

Well done, Dobbie.

ISIS laughs,



LL said...

The obsession likely follows what the Pope said except they want to out-do the Pope. Does this mean that the presiding bishop will have to give up her executive jet, the yacht, and Dobie will close all of the fossil-fuel burning mansions that C of E owns?

I'm happy that they can still stuff down as many sandwiches as they want.

Adrienne said...

What the hell is that thing on his head?? My eyes are bleeding.

Brighid said...

Adrienne, LOL, it does kinda have a secondhand Elton John vibe doesn't it...

Anonymous said...

A jet-setting Oil Company executive lectures the rest of us on climate change?