Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spurious Slice of Country Life

Managed to persuade one of the sisters to get on a horse. She had a good time.

I galloped about on Be-Bop,

and had a shoot.

Total enjoyment! At Camp Crucis now, teaching the St. Michael's Conference along with Apostolicity and Texanglican. Good result.

God bless,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Space Alien Face-Off!

Code Pink took exception to their leader the other day, hurling abuse and 'things' at 'Speaker' Pelosi. 'Speaker' appeared to be in the grip of some disease, stating, "You have made your point, you have made your point", but the sub-aliens weren't buying and the "Go home to Gaza" jeers only intensified.

Speculation continues as to whether 'Speaker' is in the throes of Mogadon addiction or merely malcircuiting.

This site stands against the alien/robot invasion.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Horse Sunday

After Sunday's Masses I drove through the pastoral idyll that is Brandon to visit the new horse and begin her training, and mine, in groundwork. For Geniebelle this is important because she's been left to her own devices for seven years and hasn't been ridden in that time.

Green Broke Thoroughbred

This means that she has to learn yielding, manners, leading, longeing and various basic skills, such as not trying to use humans as a scratching post, or attempting to jump over fences she's tied to... After a high-strung start she did well, and began to show signs of respect/obedience -- standing still when tied with far fewer incursions into my space. She longed fairly well too and didn't act out on the trot when I was in the saddle.

16 Hands

It was hot work and for me the beginnings of a new skill -- I tell you, you've got to be fast on your feet. Big things, horses, and powerful with it. They're not pets, you see.

Must work out a systematic training program for the beast - - I'm looking forward to that; GB's certainly got the potential.

God bless,


PS. Check out Buesun's site - I was moved by the story of the baseboards - and SBW has a neat post about bear hunting.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

There's a good new tradition here - ecumenical dog trials, which take place at the local Cowboy Church's arena. Our Mission provided the food; pulled pork and brisket today and very tasty it was too.

So was the canine action, with plenty of sharp work between the hooves. The average score came in at around 7 minutes and 30 points, with the best achieving double that in the same time. I'd say the skills are similar but it's altogether more high energy than the sheep variant, not that there's anything wrong with that either.

After the dogs it was down to the hospital to visit the sick, say Evening Prayer then visit the horses. They seemed well; I'm looking forward to working with the new mare tomorrow after Mass.



Friday, June 4, 2010

Texas is Great

Why is Texas great? Well, simply because it is. I like the guns, dogs, horses, BBQ, farms and general sense of freedom, the religion's not bad too - at least from a trad Anglican perspective; lets hope all that increases instead of the opposite. Speaking of farms, here's a picture of Bonnie shifting bales out of her pickup. I offered to help but she just grinned and fired away till they were all sorted in no time flat - Bonnie's 70 - I probably would have slowed her down...

Apologies for not visiting the blogs - life's been strangely busy...

God bless,


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trinity Sunday

My philosopher sportsman friend, GWB, sent me this picture. He's proud of his Bass and who can blame him; makes me want to buy/borrow a Jon Boat and get out on the lake...

But in the meanwhile, it's the Feast of the Trinity today, so here's some Aquinas on "The Trinity of divine persons and the unity of the divine essence":

"We must conclude from all we have said that in the Godhead there is something threefold which is not opposed to the unity and simplicity of the divine essence. We must acknowledge that God is, as existing in His nature, and that He is known and loved by Himself.

But this occurs otherwise in God than in us. Man, to be sure, is a substance in his nature, but his actions of knowing and loving are not his substance. Considered in his nature, man is indeed a subsisting thing; as he exists in his mind, however, he is not a subsisting thing, but a certain representation of a subsisting thing; and similarly with regard to his existence in himself as beloved in lover. Thus man may be regarded under three aspects: that is, man existing in his nature, man existing in his intellect, and man existing in his love. Yet these three are not one, for man's knowing is not his existing, and the same is true of his loving. Only one of these three is a subsisting thing, namely, man existing in his nature.

In God, on the contrary, to be, to know, and to love are identical. Therefore God existing in His natural being and God existing in the divine intellect and God existing in the divine love are me thing. Yet each of them is subsistent. And, as things subsisting in intellectual nature are usually called persons in Latin, or hypostases in Greek, the Latins say that there are three persons in God, and the Greeks say that there are three hypostases, namely, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

You can read the whole thing here if you like, or have a gaze at a nicely restored and ready to fire LMG (Bren) over at Boomers. Great weapon.



Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Horse

A very kind person donated a horse to the cause today, a nine year old thoroughbred mare called Genie who was trained for the track but never raced. We worked her out a little on the lunge line and she did well, then rode her about after being told she hadn't been ridden in seven years and, you never know, I geared myself up all kinds of trouble. It never came, though there'll have to be some work on forward movement and she had a tendency to toss her head about...

My feeling is that she'll go fast, which is fine, and people who know about such things say she could work well at dressage.

So we'll see; I'm looking forward to getting to know a new horse.



Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fruits of the Spirit

Church of England Bishops

They say that the miter worn by Bishops represents the 'tongues of fire' that rested on the heads of the Apostles at Pentecost.

Make of that what you will.

Have a blessed Pentecost!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ride & Shoot

Downtown Brandon

I've made a new resolution to ride and shoot more, which means going out on Tuesday morning, through the bustling little town that probably never was Brandon, and saddling up at a farm just outside it - less fancy than the last place, but a lot more room to ride.

A place to ride

And to shoot, so I unleashed the AR on some targets from around 50 yards and successfully killed a tuna can and some of its Arizona Ice Tea brethren. The latter give a satisfying explosion when full...


There's plenty of room to hunt too, but I've yet to scout it out. All in good time.

Two flyers, two on

Now back in the day I would've scoffed at the AR, because of plastic components and the 5.56 of the thing. For me it had to be solid wood and steel or it wasn't real. That changed with the L1A1 and I'm perfectly happy blasting away with the carbine - still, when budget permits I think 7.62 in the same platform would make sense, you know, because of all the walls you have to shoot through...



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

That Great Leviathan

Drove off into a storm with my Wittgensteinian friend GWB, an all 'round sportsman, to go fishing.

Got through the storm to the lake,

and caught some fish.

And for me, that was an excellent result. Must go fishing far more often.

God bless,


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Sunday

Woke up to a beautiful morning and birds all over the church car park. They were quiet because of intense pecking after food. Then pick-ups arrived...

and the Mass was sung. Managed to get horses and guns into into the sermon, which seemed to go down well. Then it was on to the next Mission, where everyone seemed pretty fervently into the service. Had an interesting conversation about red-dot optics with one of the Ushers - I've discovered that mounting my Aimpoint copy co-efficient with iron sights brings the dot more sharply into focus. He found that the same thing made him see double, which is confusing, but I have to admit I don't know the biology of the thing. The proof, I suppose, is in the shooting.

With that in mind, have a blessed Sunday.


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Interesting article about ammunition in Pajamas Media...

"Scan the ammunition shelves at sporting goods stores, your local gun store, or even Walmart and odds are that you won’t find what you are looking for. The most common cartridges are in short supply, and many stores ration ammunition a box or two at a time to spread their meager stock among their customers.

This isn’t new. But why is this nationwide ammunition shortage still happening?"

Why? Unprecedented demand, especially from LE here in the U.S. and, in China, a burgeoning market for raw materials; but still, millions of rounds are left unaccounted for -- stockpiled?

Maybe and you can read the whole thing here, but for myself, well, I tend to shoot them as fast as I buy them.