Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spurious Slice of Country Life

Managed to persuade one of the sisters to get on a horse. She had a good time.

I galloped about on Be-Bop,

and had a shoot.

Total enjoyment! At Camp Crucis now, teaching the St. Michael's Conference along with Apostolicity and Texanglican. Good result.

God bless,



darlin said...

That's awesome that you had that Sister on a horse and she had a splendid time! Be-bop looks like he/she's earned that name, what a beauty!

Happy Tuesday to you LSP!

Anonymous said...

Good horses?

I know my little sister clambered on one the other day, and it was so obstinate she fell off twice.

But she still does love her horses...

LSP said...

Thanks Darlin - the youngest sister had a good time; she was scared at first but the horse was gentle. Be-Bop's an Arab gelding - a lot of fun to ride.

Thanks for dropping by RFYA. Horses can be difficult creatures; always best to try and stay on, especially at speed, I've discovered...

Borepatch said...

Hey LSP - Off topic, but tag.