Monday, June 7, 2010

Horse Sunday

After Sunday's Masses I drove through the pastoral idyll that is Brandon to visit the new horse and begin her training, and mine, in groundwork. For Geniebelle this is important because she's been left to her own devices for seven years and hasn't been ridden in that time.

Green Broke Thoroughbred

This means that she has to learn yielding, manners, leading, longeing and various basic skills, such as not trying to use humans as a scratching post, or attempting to jump over fences she's tied to... After a high-strung start she did well, and began to show signs of respect/obedience -- standing still when tied with far fewer incursions into my space. She longed fairly well too and didn't act out on the trot when I was in the saddle.

16 Hands

It was hot work and for me the beginnings of a new skill -- I tell you, you've got to be fast on your feet. Big things, horses, and powerful with it. They're not pets, you see.

Must work out a systematic training program for the beast - - I'm looking forward to that; GB's certainly got the potential.

God bless,


PS. Check out Buesun's site - I was moved by the story of the baseboards - and SBW has a neat post about bear hunting.


bluesun said...

Thanks for the link!

I'm not a horse person at all, so the most I can say is "Don't fall off the saddle." Hope it helps.

darlin said...

You amaze me LSP, how do you fit everything into one day? I love your photos, I feel your passion all the way from over here in Alberta!

Have a wonderful day and God bless you and yours.

LSP said...

'Don't fall off' is extremely good and helpful advice. Enjoyed your 'evil' piece...

Thanks Darlin!Hope all's well in Edmonton.

God bless.