Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trinity Sunday

My philosopher sportsman friend, GWB, sent me this picture. He's proud of his Bass and who can blame him; makes me want to buy/borrow a Jon Boat and get out on the lake...

But in the meanwhile, it's the Feast of the Trinity today, so here's some Aquinas on "The Trinity of divine persons and the unity of the divine essence":

"We must conclude from all we have said that in the Godhead there is something threefold which is not opposed to the unity and simplicity of the divine essence. We must acknowledge that God is, as existing in His nature, and that He is known and loved by Himself.

But this occurs otherwise in God than in us. Man, to be sure, is a substance in his nature, but his actions of knowing and loving are not his substance. Considered in his nature, man is indeed a subsisting thing; as he exists in his mind, however, he is not a subsisting thing, but a certain representation of a subsisting thing; and similarly with regard to his existence in himself as beloved in lover. Thus man may be regarded under three aspects: that is, man existing in his nature, man existing in his intellect, and man existing in his love. Yet these three are not one, for man's knowing is not his existing, and the same is true of his loving. Only one of these three is a subsisting thing, namely, man existing in his nature.

In God, on the contrary, to be, to know, and to love are identical. Therefore God existing in His natural being and God existing in the divine intellect and God existing in the divine love are me thing. Yet each of them is subsistent. And, as things subsisting in intellectual nature are usually called persons in Latin, or hypostases in Greek, the Latins say that there are three persons in God, and the Greeks say that there are three hypostases, namely, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

You can read the whole thing here if you like, or have a gaze at a nicely restored and ready to fire LMG (Bren) over at Boomers. Great weapon.




Anonymous said...

That picture would be so cool if GWB was sportin' a biretta.

BigTex AC

P.S. Like the blog

LSP said...

Thanks for dropping by - I'll pass your headgear suggestion on to my Wittgenstinian friend!

God bless.