Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hail the day that sees Him rise

After an invigorating evolution of strong coffee, Morning Prayer, and cantering about on the horse, I set my mind to the Feast of the Ascension. I liked this, from Austin Farrer's 'Crown of the Year',

“All his life long Christ’s love burnt towards the heart of heaven in a bright fire, until he was wholly consumed in it, and went up in that fire to God. The fire is kindled on our altars, here Christ ascends in fire; the fire is kindled in the Christian heart, and we ascend. He says to us, Lift up your hearts; and we reply, We lift them up unto the Lord.”

Farrer was, to my mind, genius and a holy man with it.

Have a blessed Feast,


PS. Some people have rashly supposed that this site is against Mr. Steyn. That is not true.


Anonymous said...

Nice commentary. Thanks for posting it.

I enjoyed the Steyn post. You hooked me good. I almost spilled my coffee when I saw the headline, thinking "No way! Not the Parson!"

A click of the picture and it all came together.

I thought it was brilliantly done. No apology necessary.

LSP said...

Thanks Silverfiddle - Steyn is greatness - as for TEC, Schori and the ACoC... well, what can we say?