Monday, September 16, 2019

Cheer Up It's Monday!

Do you remember Bob Geldof, the famous Boomtown Rat? He didn't like Mondays at all, wanted to shoot the whole day down. But how can you not like Mondays when we have a Space Force?

And great street art.

Morale still need boosting? 

Then look at this, yes, America's popular and glamorous First Lady. Here she is with the Queen, helping us all to turn that frown upside down.

Thank you, Melania, for doing your part to make America great again.




Old NFO said...

LOVE the street art! :-)

LL said...

September 16, not Cinco-de-Mayo (May 5) is Mexican Independence Day. I'd say that was an excellent excuse for heading over to Itasca for a brisket burrito. And if Colonel Melania (leader of the DLC) is over there expecting the troops, you should take her with you.

LL said...

And while I'm blogging, what happened to BREXIT? Has the European Illuminati taken over the place lock, stock and barrel? How than they block it?

LindaG said...

President Trump and the First Lady. Best pictures of the day.

Brig said...

Melania always adds class to the day!

LSP said...

NFO, that street art's VERY powerful! Well done, that artist.

LSP said...

LL, I missed Karen's today but I'll make up for it tomorrow. Point of honour. Will Colonel Melania, callsign SUNRAY, join in? Dum spiro spero.

Then there's Brexit. I'm no expert but we're obviously seeing a lot of static from a corrupt landed gentry/paid to play pol/eurocrat pension/NWO shill/inside the M25 ruling elite. Boosted by a lyin' leftist media and their dupe puppets who subscribe to the hated Guardian, and on. Mirror image of the US, in a sense, but far more polite and perhaps more insidious. That's my take on context. Execution?

BoJo, who I like, is busy rampaging around Luxembourg and the rest of Europe with a view to a "deal." Will this be a EU member state vetoing Article 50 and the Traitor Parliament's Benn Act extension? Perhaps. Whatever the case, it'll come down to a General Election and Brexit has it, x17.4 million. Do the Tories?

Only if they say no to corrupt interest (BRINO) and work with the Brexit Party. Otherwise they're toast. So too are Labour, who've abandoned the working class in favour of gender studies and Eurocash, likewise the LibDems.

Johnson knows all this and more. I feel he'll crash out of the EU on a no deal, force an election and win massively. Or he'll act the weasel, fight an election and lose massively. Either way we get Brexit. That's my take, for what it's worth.

In all of this, there's an eerie similarity to what we've seen here since '16, same kind of forces, possibly identical even, in play. But we have the advantage, Trump won, she lost. BoJo's gained a far more soupy inheritance.

Good luck to him, but at the end of the day the referendum stands. And there it is. 17.4 million voted for something against all the odds and their representatives have to cough up or pay the price.

LSP said...

So uplifting, Linda!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Not a fan of royalty in general, but think the Queen is a class act.