Monday, September 2, 2019

Happy Labor Day Comrades

The Compound

You stand to at first light, waiting for cadres of fanatical Frankfort School revolutionaries to infiltrate the compound's perimeter in the predawn mist. Such is Labor Day in these dark and troubled times. But guess what, we got a pass. 

The trip flares didn't go off, none of the Claymores exploded, no one had to throw a grenade, there weren't any shadowy figures being deadly in the hedge, and all was good. Huge sigh of relief. Now what?

Texas Dawn

Drive to the 'Spawl or stay in the bucolic bliss of this unreconstructed Texan farming community? Easy call, stay, and what a good choice. Everyone here's happy, smiling, laughing, helping each other out, full of the joy of the day. 

Perhaps they're elated that Labor Day 2019 didn't usher in a demented, satanic Bolshevik revolution. Then again, maybe they're simply happy at the prospect of good times with family and friends, free of the Communist menace.

A Typical Texan Vista

Who knows and I'm not complaining. So fire up the grill, have the best time with your people, and enjoy a great Labor Day. You know what they say, workers of the world unite.

Your Friend,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Good choice!

LL said...

The road 'down the hill' and away from my domicile was crowded and backed up as campers headed down to the Phoenix Valley yesterday evening. They're leaving paradise for their 'real lives'. I am not selfish, but the place is said to be far more quiet up here after Labor Day.

The desire to join people in jammed freeways or to stand elbow-to-elbow at some event departs more and more as time passes. Having been to the compound, I know what you mean. I'm sure that you miss the cadet, though.

LSP said...

WSF, it was a lot less stressful than driving to the 'sprawl!

LSP said...

Smart of you to set up in paradise, LL, and the Compound's not bad either, especially since it's been fixed up.

I do miss the Cadet, and it's strange to feel he's a week into Basic. No news apart from a very "soldierly"(!) voicemail last Monday. But I take no news to be good news in this case. Go for it, kid.

Kid said...

It was good here too.

Anonymous said...

That picture of an unnamed metropolis reminded me of the lyrics "Thine alabaster cities gleam, undimmed by human tears" . But how long will they gleam? CO2 pollution will pretty soon start dissolving the alabaster.

High Church forever. Low Church never.

Dhimmi '.

Anonymous said...

High Church forever.
Low Church never.

LSP said...

I love that slogan, Anon. Have you heard the old cry, "Champagne, High Mass, No Protestants"? Similar.