Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kerry Goofs. Again. Arm the Kurds

America is great and Texas is awesome, but our Secretary of State 'droid needs some tuning, because it's NWO DAARPA designed logic circuits aren't quite up to scratch.

When questioned about the U.S. non-war against the non-Islamic Islamic State, the ketchup fortune traitor-bot stated:

“If you’re more comfortable calling it a war against this enemy of Islam then please do so. We’re happy to call it that.”

Pamela Geller

So I guess we're at war with Pamela Geller. And Israel, and Christianity, and everyone else who lives in the "House of War."

Nice one, Kerry. 


In other news, the enemy of Islam is scared of being deprived of virgins in the afterlife if they get killed by Yazidi women. There are several of these, fortunately.

Tower Hamlets?

The non-Islamic Islamic State has women fighters too.

Arm the Kurds,



LL said...

The American regime is populated by intellectual lightweights, which is why there is utter confusion. Arming the Kurds (who are not Muslim) and sending them against ISIL (who are Muslim, but who the Administration contends are not Muslim) makes sense. Which is why we don't do it.

Adrienne said...

How is it that Kerry - ignorant, lying, traitorous Kerry is even holding such a position as Sec. of State??

LL said...

Adrienne - he has a lot in common with his boss.

LSP said...

You know, back in the days of GW1 (Gulf War 1) several of my friends said "arm the Kurds!"

I didn't see their point, then, stupidly.

I do now.

Adrienne said...

Good one - LL