Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Is Beyonce an Illuminati Puppet?

Is Beyonce an elitist limousine liberal, New World Order, Illuminati puppet? Good question, let's look at the evidence.

Illuminati Pyramid Power

The pop diva flashes secret Eye-in-the-Pyramid hand signs.

Baphomet Ring Beyonce

She wears a Baphomet Devil Ring.

Police State

Supports the NWO Police State.


Serves the Ruler.

Beyonce, talented pop superstar, or willing Illuminati stooge for the New World Order? You, the reader, be the judge.

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jenny said...

An important question.
I put my research skills to work. Turns out "beyonce illuminati" is an anagram for "obey ill anemic unit" ... Personally, I think that settles it.

LSP said...

Good point. Her kid's also called Blue Ivy. Spell it backwards and see what you get.

Just sayin'.

LL said...

Has anyone seen Beyonce and Archbishop Justin Welby and Beyonce at the same party? Could it be that Welby and Beyonce are the same person? And while I'm on a roll, has anyone ever seen Satan and Beyonce at the same party? Didn't think so.

LL said...

Is her hand gesture an Illuminati Pyramid or a female body part - thus an offer? I don't know. Is she just looking for love in all the wrong places - like a feast to Satan? Maybe that's the problem. Is it working for her? It obviously is because Obama has a girl crush on her. Notice how Barack keeps Michelle away from her "pyramids of power", also called "the girls" in street jargon.

While Obama seems more personally attracted to Jay Z than he does to Beyonce, he and B may play dress up or something along those lines - as the late Joan Rivers suggested.

LSP said...

I hadn't joined the Satan, Beyonce, Welby dots together. But now I have. Disturbing.

So is the Barak, Jay Z, Beyonce "triangle." No wonder Michelle doesn't look too happy! Or overly keen to kiss the svelte satanic songstress.

Is Beyonce using the Illuminati Pyramid to signify this unholy "triangle"?

Brig said...

Who is Beyonce? Seriously haven't watched TV in 5 years, have I missed anything of import, think not!

LSP said...

Beyonce is either this incredibly wealthy, talented and beautiful singer/ songwriter -- or an evil Illuminati puppet of the New World Order (NWO).

She is a friend of President Obama...

Don't watch TV either, sensibly!