Monday, September 22, 2014

Get in the Saddle

"For a so-called horseman you sure don't seem to do much riding, LSP," I hear you say, pointedly. Well not so fast. Monday being as good a day as any, I pulled on my Ariats, loaded a Circle Y in the truck and headed off to ride.


Which is what I did, on Keena, an old Polish Arabian mare who used to race and still has plenty of go. But I didn't push it, just walk, trot and a few short canters around Mesquites.

Front Office

Great to be back in the saddle again and next time I'll open things up a bit for a gallop. Good for mind, soul and body, provided you don't come off and break, obviously.

Ride on,



LL said...

Horseback riding helps me connect with the inner chi. I don't know why that it, but it is. There is something liberating about it and a horse that you know is good for wordless companionship. The smell of the sage, the mesquite and cedars reminds me that everything doesn't have to smell like a city, or an exhaust pipe or a sewer.

That's just me.

LSP said...

Nicely put. Most definitely liberating and foundational.

I like the "hell for leather and devil take the hindmonst" exhilaration of a good run too.

One of the best things.

LL said...

I also like the idea of walking into a bar (sometime about 120 years ago) and saying, "FRESH HORSES AND WHISKEY FOR MY MEN."

Nobody says that anymore and more's the pity that they don't.

LSP said...

I think that needs to start up again.

Maybe on the Ride To Austin.

jenny said...

LSP-- very jealous of your ride! On the horse, and that truck-- which is quite respectable.

LL, I'm increasingly certain you're located in the wrong part of the world. If I had money, I would PAY you to saunter into bars and holler that. :) It'd be well received in Austin, for sure-- very hipster. Esp if you had a handlebar mustache, but I know that's asking too much.

LSP said...

Thanks, Jenny.

But you must understand that we're gearing up to Ride On Austin.

Stand well clear.

jenny said...

I've a good mind to be terrified. Please leave your guns at home.

Brig said...

Time a horseback is always time well spent. Do some of my best dreaming and thinking there.
Not much beats the smell of warm horses and warm leather in the mountains...

LSP said...

Don't worry, Jenny. We'll be there to liberate.

LSP said...

Jealous of those mountains, Brighid!