Thursday, September 18, 2014

Loserheart, Jocks Bottle

The polls are in and the Scots, once known for their bravery, have voted against independence. In close-run polling, the formerly courageous Scots voted to remain subjects of the United Kingdom by a 55% -45% majority.

According to one political commentator, "The Scots evidently want to remain under the jackboot of a sinister Old Etonian cabal lead by the weirdly incompetent David Cameron."

Another pundit put it more simply, "Jocks bottle."

Good luck, Scotland.



LL said...

Given that I lived there and in N. Ireland for a few years off and on mid-70's, I was very familiar with the early SNP, the radical Tartan Army (Scots version of the Provo. IRA), etc. Things would seem to have been stagnant for the greater part between then and now after this vote reveals the heart of the country.

The idea of shucking off the welfare tit of Old England seems to be too much for the idle class.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that the Scots and the Irish will unite to form a Ginger Axis of Evil.

LSP said...

And will Obama fund so-called "moderate" GAE rebels? I'd call them terrorists.

LSP said...

Interesting analysis, LL.

Does this mean that Westminster is funding the GAE to fight the GAE?

"Toy Dog" Cameron must obey his master in Washington, after all.

LL said...

The Scots are getting more generous welfare benefits as part of the "aid package" from England as a result of the no-vote. That's what was promised and I'm sure that it will be delivered.

Steers shouldn't sign deals with meat packers, but they do regularly. Sort of like Eastern Ukraine wanting to be part of Russia.