Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn Equinox. Hippies, You're On Notice.

Today's the Autumn Equinox, which pagans celebrate as a kind of harvest festival. They'll set up a little altar with some idols, mess about with a wand and an apple and invoke a couple of spirits, like the Goddess.

Sometimes they'll wig-out a little around a bonfire.

Maybe do a little magicke.

And that's all harmless, right? Yeah, until you wake up inside a Wicker Man and it's on fire.


There are unconfirmed reports that several large forces of irregular cavalry are moving in the direction of Austin and San Francisco.

Hippies, you have been warned.



LL said...

They also dance naked under the moon and spread sexually transmitted diseases.

The satanic hippies douse themselves in chicken blood before they fornicate. I don't know if it's to reduce the transmission of STD's or not. I have never delved.

LSP said...

They do. It's not good.

I knew a crew that set up in some yurts (the bad kind) in Wales. Before too long they were riddled with STDs and Hep.

Thus ended that merry little experiment in "alternative lifestyle."

LL said...

Love is a battlefield.

LSP said...

Ain't that the truth!

Well said.

jenny said...

Listen, not everyone in a gold toga and antler headwear dancing around a campfire is a satanic hippie.

ALSO, check out the guy second from the right in the last photo! Is that a HEDGEHOG HAT????

LSP said...

If you must.

jenny said...

But again, NOT a hippie! Just someone in a hedgehog hat who would really like some kolaches.

LL said...

Jenny, a rubber hedgehog gave its life so that the hippie could have a hat. Think on that tragedy.

Brig said...

Not all who dance around bonfires are hippies or evil...
LL sure knows a bunch about stuff for never having delved.!.

Jenny, I'm confused... did you want the hedge hog hat, or the incognito ss guy with the Burberry scarf wearing it...

jenny said...

ha! Having nothing against Burberry scarves but much against STDs, I think I might just opt for his hat. :)
Which I would undoubtedly need to wash chicken blood off of and sanitize before wearing.
What a chore. But whoever said life would be easy, right?

(How DOES LL know all this?? Very good question.)