Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Crime And Punishment

In Canada, they tell me, it's illegal. You can't make criminals who've offended against society repay their debt and make amends by working for the community they've offended against.

That, for Canadians, is apparently cruel and wicked. But not in Texas.

Here they get to go in a chain gang in the back of the Brookshire's supermarket. 

They also have to wear striped trousers so that everyone knows they're a criminal, as they work in the brisk Texan 100* heat.

Shades of George Clooney, perhaps? Now, ask yourself, what kind of punishment would fit such a crime?

Lake Como forever.



Jules said...

We have people on parole working in the community but not actual prisoners in stripey trousers. If we did, I'd be taking pictures too. Such interesting art. On the subject of art, even Clooney can't spoil the beauty of Lake Como.

LL said...

The only thing that would complete the chain gang picture would be (a) Hillary in one of those striped suits with a cannon ball chained to her ankle. (B) Slick Willy standing next to her in a striped prisoner suit.

The Canadians are nuts - totally lost it.

LSP said...

Juliette, I like lake Como a lot. Let's go there now that the appalling Clooney's left.

LSP said...

That's weird, LL. I was thinking the very same thing about the Old Crone and its partner in crime.