Monday, January 19, 2015

Bobcat Hunt

I went out last night in search of bobcats with my philisophical friend, GWB. Two had been shot last week in the dry creek of a parishioner's ranch and that's where we went.

As always, it was good to get out under the stars in the clear country air and the possibility of getting a varmint didn't hurt either. So we called and spotlit and called again, trying out several setups, but the cats weren't having it, not were the coyotes.

But the skunks were, and seemed content to amble across the line of fire towards their various destinations. Too bad we weren't skunk hunting.

Speaking of which, a skunk once barricaded itself in the downstairs bathroom of the Compound. For a couple of days. 

I advise against duplicating that experiment.




LL said...

I usually shoot polecats on sight -- if there is sufficient distance and if I'm not hunting other game. They eat pheasant eggs and do a lot of destructive things. And I'm simply not a big skunk fan, though I have been told that de-fumed skunks make great pets. Having a few of the de-fumed skunks around the compound would tend to keep the uninformed away.

Sorry that you didn't get any coyotes or cats in. That happens. You can call them in the daylight too. Dusk works best. Just make sure that your back is covered because they will come right up on you. I learned that lesson as a kid.

LSP said...

Good advice!

I'll be sure to not get "bobcatted"...

And interesting skunk defense plan.

BillB said...

I can empathize with the pole cat in the house problem. We have had a problem with one or more making a home under our house. Their "perfume" was not in the least delightful. We believe we have solved the problem but one can never be for sure as they are persistent little buggers.

LSP said...

Not a pleasant smell to have in the house...