Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Light

A good armed stroll about the countryside but my shooting was pretty desultory; still, it was good to pull the trigger and hear the shotgun do its thing. The cows, Polled Herefords, seemed mostly oblivious.

After visiting with parishioners I got on the dirt road and headed for home. By the time I got to asphalt the sun was huge and seemed to fill everything with a fiery golden mist. So I put the LSP Technical on autopilot and took a picture, which doesn't do the thing justice but gives a glimmer.

I tell you, it was hard to see - very "Golden Void" and "Warrior on the Edge of Time." Certainly made up for sub par shooting.

I understand that The Sun has come out against the Labour Party. Go figure.

Space is Deep,



Anonymous said...

Sometimes a walk in nature has a way of making things look not so bad.

LSP said...

Thanks Rick - I'd say that was absolutely true.

Barking Spider said...

The Sun has indeed come out against Labour, LSP, and what a glorious day it is. We now have a Brownout to look forward to!

LSP said...

Powerful news Spider. Tempted to take a trip to England to see it all go down.

Barking Spider said...

I think it's going to be a Labour meltdown!!!