Friday, October 2, 2009

Riding Logic

Hugely enjoyable morning's ride practicing "flying changes", which is when a horse changes leads at the canter or gallop without transitioning down to a trot. All very equestrian and, for me, a lot of fun, helped in part by Wilhelm Museler's book, Riding Logic. There's an awful lot to take in but Museler's Teutonic precision is softened by his occasional romanticism. Here's an example, in which the author warns us not to jump horses too young:

"...their legs are tired and they just do not want to jump. These are truly sad creatures, the ones who are victims in their adolescence to man's unthinking vanity and selfishness!"


" must be treated with tolerance or one will turn it into something worse than a dead machine."

So, treat the horses right.




darlin said...

Wonderful photo, looks like the horse is talking to you! I agree, but will further your comment...treat not only the horses right, treat all creatures great and small right!

Have a wonderful evening LSP!

Teresa said...

Your horse looks great!! So pretty. I don't think I ever tried a "flying change" while riding. I learned a bit of dressage, but focused on jumping more so. Have fun riding!!

LSP said...

Thanks Darlin - the horse was saying "food!"

I need to work on the jumping Teresa - you probably did the 'changes' in question naturally. Great sport, riding.

Anonymous said...

quote - " must be treated with tolerance or one will turn it into something worse than a dead machine."

The same I think can go for people/friendships as well.

LSP said...

Thanks Rick, I'd agree with that.

Julie said...

beautiful horse and pic .... my youngest is into horse riding but I've never seen the attraction.

LSP said...

Thank for the pic compliment - you should give it (riding) a go if you can - a lot of fun. Especially good if combined with guns, I always think.

tom said...

Treat horses right but remember to shoot and eat zebras and use their hides for blankets and rugs!

When I look at a horse I often think "FOOD", myself :-)


(tom runs and hides behind cover)