Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ecumenism Restarts In The North

Rood Screen at Nashotah

Back from Nashotah House Seminary, Wisconsin, and the first meaningful Anglican-Orthodox dialogue since the 1970s and the descent of Western Anglicanism into the pelosian spectacle it is today. Now that traditional Anglicans have split from the pelosianites talks can begin again, and they did, in the frozen wilds of the North. I found Metropolitan Jonah, leader of the OCA (Orthodox Church in America), compelling; here's an excerpt:

“We stand at a crisis which threatens to undermine the very basis of our culture… only by standing together, united by one Faith, one Heart one Church, will we be able to withstand the onslaught of licentiousness... and fight against it. There is in materialism, there is in secularism only despair.”

Powerful words and, I think, true.

Bishop Melchizadek & Metropoloitan Jonah

I liked what the Chancellor of St. Vladimir's Seminary had to say as well, for example, “A heavy diet of low-cal theology has left our Church emaciated and thin.” Well said, Fr. Hatfield; I hope the discussion between the two Churches continue and that 'low cal' turns into something more substantial. You can read more about the event at Virtueonline if you like.

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darlin said...

Am I understand correctly? Are the two religions not in agreement and are vocalizing this? Not very God like if I understand this correctly.

LSP said...

Thanks for the comment - its the other way around. Trad Anglicans and the OCA are discussing what unites them and various avenues towards further unity. Putting up a common front against liberal secularism was one of those things.

God bless.

darlin said...

Thank you for the clarification LSP, sometimes I tend to think... wait a second, that's my problem! lol Just kidding. That is great that they are discussing further unity, the stronger they stand the harder they fall.