Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shoot the Dove!

My yobbish Mossbeg, GWB's posh Browning

Scouted about the treelines for dove with my philisophical friend, GWB. The birds were pretty scarce but we got a few.

Hapless Avian

I like the way they rocket out of the tree, which adds, for me, to the excitement of the shot. But its all good, not least the result.

Gerber Shears Ad

An excellent day out, with the 'acrobatic avians' ending up wrapped in bacon and grilled - tasty. Looking forward to Friday and another installment of gun and bird. Hopefully there'll be a few more flying about.

Good shooting,



darlin said...

I never knew that you could eat doves, what the heck kind of country girl am I? Oh right, I'm not much anymore now that I'm living in the city!

Sounds like you had an adventurous day and some good eating. I love your photos, what type of a camera do you use? I am looking at purchasing something other than a point and shoot.

Son3 said...



LSP said...

Thanks for the comment Darlin - camera's just a cheap Canon Powershot A570, which i got in Calgary, oddly enough. You might want something better!

S3 - canons to the left of them, canons to the...

darlin said...

Thanks LSP, I'm shopping around right now and doing some research on new cameras, you see that's the only thing that I point and shoot with! :-)

LSP said...

Looking forward to the pix Darlin.