Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saint Lawsuit

I know its strange, but the more pelosian The Episcopal Church becomes the fewer people it attracts and the less money it has. Has for what? For suing departing Dioceses and Parishes of course and make no mistake, that can be pretty costly. So to make ends meet TEC has enlisted the help of St. Ives, advocate and patron of the poor. Here's an excerpt from TEC's latest begging letter sent to law-firms in the hope of enlisting money to take Christians to court:

"The recent 76th (2009) General Convention allocated $3 million for legal assistance to Dioceses... A substantial amount has already been expended... in support of Diocesan property litigation.

In order to reduce the pressure on a budget already strained... the St. Ives Fund was established... We are asking for your support of the St. Ives Fund."

You can read the whole thing at Stand Firm along with an interesting link to the financial disaster that property litigation has brought to the Diocese of Colorado. But who knows, maybe St. Ives is going to turn it all around for his newfound LGBT, abortionist supporters? Somehow I doubt it.



Anonymous said...

How dare you impugn the theological credentials of Nancy Pelosi, Archbishop of the Liberal Catholic Church of America?

Didn't you see the doctrinal lesson she gave to the Pope and those narrow-minded American bishops? Abortion is OK, so is gay marriage, Nancy said so!

Traditional religion is so judgmental, see how good it feels to follow Nancy?

Keep up the good work, Reverend. You're fighting the good fight.

LSP said...

Yes - I know its impudent to malign ++Pelosi, the LCCA & its diminutive ally TEC but... I couldn't help myself.

Must book into re-education camp.


Adrienne said...

You know - I think I may prefer the dead doves to Susan Russell's blog. Nauseating!

There is evil afoot in the Church...

LSP said...

At least the doves are nutritious, but Russell? Not at all; from experience, she's a very aggressive, difficult and conflicted person.

There is evil afoot in the Church, but the victory's won in heaven.