Saturday, November 10, 2018

November Fest

It's all going on in Texas, I tell you. House painting, Diocesan Convention, torrential rain, and endless street parties celebrating the tragic defeat of our faux Latino messiah, Beto. I went to one, it was awesome.

There were lights, food, a German band pumping out Erika and all was well. Good fun and a welcome chance to party after the Diocesan Convention's Mass and a scary drive on I 20.

Then we met again today to conduct the slight business of the diocese, meet old friends and generally get it together. There were lots of video reports, one of which seemed to say that God forgives and also forgets. 

How can God forget anything, He's omniscient. I made the point to a friend who thought this somehow "limited God."  Long story short, it doesn't.

And here we are back at the Compound, thanking God for His goodness and for survival on the highways of the metrosprawl.

Please pray for our bishop, Jack Iker, who was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer right after announcing his retirement a few months ago. 

We fight against principalities and powers.

God bless,


Thursday, November 8, 2018


I won't lie, it's raining like fury and it's been doing that all day. Obviously the Weather's revenge for the great state of Texas kicking the new messiah god king, Beto, to the curb.

Our common enemy, the Weather, didn't enjoy the spectacle of its millionaire socialist ally being left behind like Satan's discarded toy. So it's trying to drown us out.

The Enemy Looms

But we're not worried, we've faced off against the Weather before and we'll do it again, no matter how hard it tries to force us to become mindless socialist drones of the Illuminati hive mind.

Speaking of which, the Democrats are trying to steal elections in Florida and Arizona. For that matter, they're trying to steal the entire process of suffrage through open border immigration. And all in the name of tolerance, openness, freedom from tyranny and, you know, enlightenment.

She Broke Her Ribs

The calculus goes something like this. We hate the West and its people, so we destroy its hateful families, religion and culture and replace it with something else, namely immigrants from our former colonies. And guess what? They vote for us, unlike the people we've displaced.

Then, goal achieved, our ruling tech, political and celeb elite can kick back in their private islands' infinity pools while everyone else looks out at the awesomeness of their shack before psyching up to work in an Amazon warehouse.

I Will Give You My Ribs, Mistress!

But hey, that warehouse employment policy is trans inclusive so don't worry, workers, you're living in a utopian paradise.

In other news, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) has broken its ribs and landed in hospital, provoking Alyssa Milano to offer her ribs to keep the ancient Justice running.

Surely this doesn't augur another SCOTUS vacancy for the hated Orangeman to fill?


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Yet More Predictions?

We're here, idly sharpening kukris and wondering at the luminescent wolf fangs found on the steps of the Compound in the half-light of dusk. 

And, of course, waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the most important elections known to peoplekind ever. Yes, ever in the history of fragile planet earth 'til now.

After tonight will we be like this?

Or like this?

Only time, gentle readers, will tell.


Predictions - Clean Those Guns

There's nothing quite like a bit of midterm madness to get the blood racing and the heart pounding as the nation goes to the polls in unprecedented numbers to decide the legislative fate of America. Will the Blue Wave  break against the Red Wall? 

For that matter, will there even be a Blue Wave or will the great Democrat push be more of an effervescent froth which foams away only to leave an underwhelming puddle, sinking into the muddy ground of ignominious defeat.

Hard to tell, though the media agitprop arm of the Democrat Party is fast back peddling their chorus of a massive win, a win they hope will lead to impeachment of the hated, Nazi Russian spy, Orangeman. Yes, the same president who brazenly threatens to cut off the Democrats' supply of immigrant votes and NWO kickbacks.

Who knows how it'll turn out, they say, hedging against the kind of credibility disaster they faced in the aftermath of the November 2016 rout.

Do you remember that? Every expert in the entire world said that Hillary was going to win. The polls said so, the lying media said so, the globalist elite's intellectual satraps in the universities said so, anyone who was anything said Trump would lose. 

Then he didn't and they cried, hyperventilated and went hog wild crazy, thrashing like wounded eels. Lo and behold, all of a sudden the experts didn't look so expert anymore. Nate Silver & Co. doubtless hope to avoid such embarrassment this time 'round. 

For what it's worth, I predict a narrow GOP win in the House and a more substantial win in the Senate leading to a majority in both houses and, of course, in the Supreme Court. But what do I know? 

I just clean guns.



Monday, November 5, 2018

Raise The House!

Well, the porch anyway. You see, the problem with wooden houses is that the wood can get eaten away by termites and ants. 

For that matter, if it's not looked after it'll rot and then you'll wake up to discover your historic Texan house is an historic Texan ruin. So the Compound's HQ got a respray and I think it looks sharp, but there was a problem. 

The painting crew discovered a supporting beam beneath the porch had pretty much returned to the soil. The porch looked fine but it wasn't, it was an illusion.

The crew turned up in the cold grey mask of morning to put the mirror of illusion right. That meant jacking up the porch, taking out the rotten beam and replacing it. Next step?

Finish painting the porch and then stand back and thank God for His mercy.

Gun rights,



Sunday, November 4, 2018


A churchman asked me to bless his small herd of horses this evening, 6 Arabians, a Warmblood and a Mustang. So off I went and so did a lot of people from one of the missions, perhaps they were wondering if their padre could ride.

Shala. Note Well Put Together Barn

Good question! Fortunately I could and rode out on Shala alongside two outstanding competitive horsewomen who've forgotten more than I'll ever know about the sport.

You Ride Better Than What I Do

Still, I held my own and the congregation watching from the sidelines got a kick out of the thing. Great fun.

My Friend's Tack Room

Ride over, I blessed the herd and we all fell back to the ranch house for a delicious meal. What a lot of fun and it reminded me of several things.

One I Took Earlier

Firstly, ride more, a lot more, it's important. Secondly, bring the congregation together for fun, fellowship and worship outside of the usual Sunday morning slot. It builds the communion which is established at the Altar. 

Common sense I know, but perhaps it needs stating, especially in a mission setting. With that in mind, sermon over.

Ride On,


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Get Out And Shoot

For a shooter you sure don't seem to shoot much, so-called "LSP." Good point, I hear the criticism, it's constructive. To put things right I loaded some guns into the rig and headed off for the country.

That journey took all of 10 minutes and there it was, the sylvan path to the glory that is rounds down range. I always think there'll be some kind of random game on this trail and a shot of opportunity but there never is, so far.

Instead, there was a mass tangle of fallen trees and brush blocking the path, the weather's been fierce here. I scouted it out; there wasn't a way to get clear short of a chainsaw and I wasn't going to risk the truck in the waterlogged clay of the fields. It's embarrassing to ask people to pull you out, so I parked up and walked in.

The grass was high, the sky was big and the shooting house had been blown over by tornado force wind. Whatever, I set up at the bench with a Desmond, a  Glock and a carbine.

First things first, the plates took a beating, so did the soda cans and, in the end, some reactive targets someone had left behind. At first I was shooting ironically high left, but sorted it out when I remembered the Desmond Tutu was zeroed at 100 yards and I was shooting at 50.

Tutu over, it was time to give the .45 a spin and it did famously, the elegant, workmanlike simplicity of Austrian engineering swinging the plates like fury. Satisfying. But what about the AR?

This one's a hybrid, an ancient CMMG lower and BCG married to a Bison Arms Barrel, Fortis lightweight hand guard, topped off with a cheap Primary Arms red dot. 

Odds and ends by Magpul. Well, the little beast shot like a champ, I was pleased.

Then it was time to head back to the Compound after an armed stroll through the grassy plains and big sky of Texas.

Gun rights,


It's OK To Be White?

Not if you're Fort Worth Councilperson Cary Moon who condemned the posters. “I condemn any type of literature sign that is posted that may be offensive to some folks,” stated Moon.

The local Fort Worth politician advised residents to leave the It's OK To Be White posters in place pending criminal investigation.

No it Isn't

It's OK To Be White literature signs have mysteriously appeared in multiple cities worldwide, provoking fury, indignation and scorn from outraged leftists. 

This Does Not Represent Councilperson Moon

Here at the Compound we urge all readers to fully cooperate with investigations into "literature signs" that "may be offensive to some folks." 

A Typical Offensive Literature Sign. Do Not Take Down!

Do not, under any circumstances, take these literature signs down. They may be offensive, to some folks. 

Your public servant,


Friday, November 2, 2018

Churchill's Funeral

Rest in Peace,


All Souls

Pray for the souls of the faithful departed.

O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful:
grant unto the souls of thy servants and handmaids
the remission of all their sins; that through devout
supplications they may obtain the pardon which
they have always desired: through Jesus Christ our
Lord who liveth and reigneth with thee and the
Holy Ghost one God world without end. Amen.

May they rest in peace,


Thursday, November 1, 2018

All Saints

Here's a prayer to mark the Feast.

O ALMIGHTY God, who hast knit together thine elect in one communion and fellowship, in the mystical body of thy Son Christ our Lord; Grant us grace so to follow thy blessed Saints in all virtuous and godly living, that we may come to those unspeakable joys which thou hast prepared for those who unfeignedly love thee; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

God bless,