Friday, January 20, 2023

Are We The Good Guys?


Sorry, persynns, but serious question. Can you pray in our public schools?  No. Do we live under a just and fair rule of law? Try not to smirk and puke at the same time. Do we have a free press or a bought and sold simulacrum of the same? Chunder. Are we a Christian nation, under God, or under Baphomet?

I'd argue and so would the monkey, who's a vicious beast, that we're the latter. Meanwhile, Russia not only flogs and imprisons P. Riot but also outlaws so-called Pride agitprop. They even have a flat tax of 13%, last time I checked, and they're building 1000s of churches.

So who's more Red, the US or Russia. That in mind, Just think on our inevitable victory parade in Red Square, all those rainbow flags flying, to say nothing of the children they've abused. Satan's victory.

I know you disagree, all you Cold Warriors, but I say good call Russia for taking on Globohomo Inc., I hope they win and ban Pedo-Pride parades everywhere.  As it goes, the rainbow West's emptying its munitions stockpile because never have to fight another conventional war ever, ever. Take note, UKLF and so-called "Conservatives."

That in mind, when UKR forces crack and fold, what then? We have billions invested, would we just walk away, like Afghanistan? Or would we quadruple down in favor of ROI? R standing for rainbow, obviously.

Readers, don't forget, it's a vicious beast,



Old NFO said...

Looks like there is a 'bit' of a disagreement there... :-)

LSP said...

Maybe a slight dissonance, NFO :)

The Night Wind said...

From a year ago, but worth another look. It explains a lot about GOP 'Cold Warriors'

As for the outcome, Russia is doing what they did to the French in 1812 and to the Germans in 1944. They've formed a defensive line and are letting the West beat their head against it, wasting money, men, and material while our media 'Baghdad Bobs' keep proclaiming the imminent end of Russia. They'll all be eating crow by year's end when a weakened NATO ends up finding the Red Army perched on their borders for a change.

Anonymous said...

I’ll just ask, where you got your information about Russia? It couldn’t be ‘from the Russians’ could it? And you believe, and trust it … why? (Hint: ‘Our’ media view ‘theirs’ as the role model they try desperately to emulate). You do remember the propaganda they used to run claiming to be the very things we most admired, until the truth leaked out, right? [As someone who has repeatedly, and recently been in Moscow I can tell you you ‘will’ find just as many ‘elite’ gays parading around, not to mention perversions galore, they just aren’t allowed to counter the narrative publicly. Just like Palestine where I found, not the always presented bombed-out slum, but one of the richest areas on earth, with every luxury you want at your fingertip. Moscow isn’t an honest Christian city, but one which puts even SF to shame, just … not openly].

I’m not even vaguely siding with, or defending the perverted evil that has taken-over The West, but … assuming Russia is somehow the good-guy here is quite frankly hilarious.

I’ll point out (again) that ‘all’ the corrupt, evil, depraved elitists in The West are (purely coincidentally I’m sure) internationalists and collectivists (i.e. socialists) – there’s a word for people like that, and a place where even now it is based.

Yes Russians hate and despise LGBTQWERTY (just like normals here do), but … at the same time their elites are (and always have) supported and funded it ‘here’ (just like climate change, you might like to see where all the, openly communist Soviet funded, Cold War campaigners migrated to when the wall collapsed). Care to check where they get their money (yes much now comes from western elitists, that would be the Russian and Chinese owned elitists rememberer). Be good enough to ask any of the perverts there, they won’t tell you (there) that they are proud Americans, they will tell you they are citizens of the world, socialists or globalists, all shorthand for communist – so at least ‘consider’ believing them.

I’ll say it again, we aren’t seeing a battle between good and evil here, we’re seeing a faction fight. The numbers and power of the communists working to destroy us and freedom has been increasing in The West for decades, and now ‘they’ want to run things instead of Moscow. That is what is happening.

Every bit of the perversion and corruption in Ukraine. The labs, money laundering, the whole shebang was already up and running for decades, decades in which it was a de facto Russian satrapy, a puppet regime run from the Kremlin. Russia isn’t complaining that the corruption is occurring, they’re complaining that they don’t get to run, and profit from, it any more.

Be honest, you ‘know’ each and every one of the corrupt, perverted, possessed ‘Western’ politicians, industrialists and celebrities is a bought-and-paid for, true-believer, owned and run by and for China and … Russia. You know this, yet choose to believe, for some reason that the way China and Russia steer those politicians here somehow doesn’t reflect their true aims and beliefs.

I really do understand, the almost palpable ‘need’ for there to be some, even if only partly, ‘power’ on our side. Some government, establishment or institution fighting the good fight on our behalf. There isn’t, there really isn’t.

Globalisation, air-travel and the internet has allowed ‘them’ to realise that they have more in common with each other than with any mere peon in their own countries. There are ‘no’ elites ‘not’ part of the cabal, no institution, company and certainly no government not tainted, corrupted and part of the problem (the few random politicians around the world that, for whatever reason, didn’t just go along with the plan, who ‘all’ appeared to die mysteriously?). They own all the apparatus of power. All. Of . Them.

Western, Judaeo-Christian civilisation is besieged on all sides. It requires that 'we' nobodies get off our knees and step up to defend it. Accept that and stop hoping to be saved or we’ll all fall ‘… an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.’

The Night Wind said...

FYI Anon's comment above:

LSP said...

Nightwind, what an excellent post.

Militarily? I'm no kind of expert but precedence, per you and history itself, urges caution. That seems in pretty short supply right about now and as we know, nemesis has a nasty habit of rounding on hubris.

In the meanwhile, the UK can field what, a combined arms division? Germany has some 200 Leopards, some of which work, and how keen will our young men be to march off to fight for the Pride flag? Not very.

Anyway, won't bang on.

LSP said...

Faction fight, good call, Anon, and you'll forgive me. A large part of this shallow mind post was all about an excuse to put up photos of P Riot getting Cossacked. Surely you agree that's a worthy objective.

And, to be fair, they are building lots of churches and don't sling up rainbow flags on their embassies. Unlike us and regardless of personal depravity behind closed(ish) doors. That's not Russkie disinfo, it's just the way it is. Does this make Putin a New Constantine?

I don't know, possibly, and I'm sure he'd like to position himself in such a role. That said, is the Ukraine his Milvian Bridge? Serious question and we have to ask, who's Maxentius in all of this.

Surely not Zelensky or even Old Uncle Joe. Perhaps a conglomerate of interests, but I know nothing.

"Western, Judaeo-Christian civilisation is besieged on all sides. It requires that 'we' nobodies get off our knees and step up to defend it. Accept that and stop hoping to be saved or we’ll all fall ‘… an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.’"

Are you calling for a revival of the Church Militant? I'm all in favor of that but remember, it starts on your knees.

PS. Never been to Moscow, annoyingly.

LSP said...

Right on, Nightwind.