Sunday, January 22, 2023

British Army Shortfall


According to a Mirror exclusive, 16,000 people left the British armed forces last year, leaving the once empire building military with a 4000 persyn shortfall. And that's really strange because the UK's spent a whopping $75 million on recruitment PR. 

It's a great campaign, with an emphasis on getting gays, trannies(?), snowflakes, Muslims and womyn to join the Army. You know, just the sort of demographic which supplies the Sceptered Isle with its new soldiers.

Genius level PR. So why has it failed so miserably? Could it be because POC, tranny, snowflake, Muslimas don't actually want to join up? Or would it be because enlisted soldiers are paid less than tofu burger flippers and dumped like a ton of net zero non-compliant coal when they leave the service? Maybe both.

But here's an infovideo:

Quite. Draw your own conclusions.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Simply answer. If you can't meet your goals lower your standards.
Those of us who have served, combat or peacetime, know if the s**t ever hits the fan, the weak will die. Worse, they will take many of the strong with them.

LL said...

Will they pay to have your dick cut off if you join? That would make a great recruiting poster for "the right stuff".

LSP said...

That's a good if terrifying point, WSF, and I imagine a latter day US Expeditionary Signals battalion deployed on the frontlines of an actual war. You know, one with artillery, tanks, aviation and all of that. We can imagine the outcome.

Part of the problem, I think, is that the genius patrol running this operation made a gamble that we'd never, ever, ever get into something like that again. The same people, curiously, are baying for war with Russia.

LSP said...

LL, surely that comes under "healthcare"?

Some people liken those posters to photos of KZ medical experiments. What Nazis.

Old NFO said...

The problem is leadership and lack of standards/loyalty down the chain to the troops...

Wild, wild west said...

McNamara's 100,000 only with an English accent.

Anonymous said...

You know your average squaddie, a mouthy, aggressive, Jack-the-lad, who generally only joined up (cough! Like me) because there were no other jobs (I started in the local pit, then they shut it two days later … typical story of my life, just in time to pass out and … get sent South. Sigh!).

They may be intelligent, sometimes even academic, but they’re always, unreservedly, unmitigated little shits in civvy street (the type so common in magistrates courts across Britain even now). But … they make (with the centuries of institutional knowledge and training) simply the best soldiers bar none (with all due respect to our cousins, yes, the American Army would roll over what’s left of the British Army without probably even noticing, but that’s size, money and tech ‘not’ the quality of soldiers).

So what would, could, be preventing these ‘lost causes’ (perfect fits, with no other options) from joining up?

There has always been, in such a small regular force, a bit of ‘difficulty’ in finding the right shaped peg to fit in that one specific shaped hole where a ‘vacancy’ will occur. When you then mandate that a certain percentage ‘must’ be ‘special’, and only ‘allow’ recruitment of such until that percentage is reached … you get what we see now.

Add in the fact that most recruitment centres are now staffed wholly by ‘special’ sergeants and lieutenants (you can’t use them, and you have to put them somewhere they can’t fcuk up ‘too’ badly) and … the situation becomes even worse (Jack-the-lad could care less about colour and woke, but hates being told ‘he’ is second class in comparison).

Go into your average Navy, Army or RAF recruitment centre today and you ‘will’ see ‘only’ “women and minorities” being offered intake places. Those offered are (predictably) failing (even the ever lowering standards) at massive rates. So posts are left unfilled (just as they intended).

There ‘is’ no short-fall, there’s a deliberate, manufactured refusal to recruit the best candidates (So, just like every other job nowadays when ‘meritocracy’ is the most hated concept in existence).

[There’s always been a massive turn-over, not too many are ‘lifers’, but it’s been increasing for the very same reasons – preferences and promotions, as well as ‘all’ the cushy billets being reserved for, the lumpy-jumpers and ethnics. Throw in rolling deployments where the specials are protected and excluded and ...]

Paul M said...

Exactly what happens when you undermine the historical standards that worked under the auspices of "they're mean and outdated". Sounds like a metaphor for life as we now know it at the hands of the Self-Appointed HOA Type Leadership ninny fools.

People like to paint Jesus as some Socialist surfer dude who was soft and easy on everyone. They need to re-read The New Testament, he was a tough manager to those that needed to hear The Truth. What would he say today to congregants sitting in pews updating the Social Media pages about how far off the path?

Aesop said...

Or, they could just take the recruiting budget, and pay the British-pound equivalent of $18,750 @ as bonuses to the first 4000 lads they found to complete basic training, and call it even.

LSP said...

Good call, NFO.

LSP said...

Wild, I can't argue with that.

LSP said...

Anon, there's a wealth of glowing wisdom in your glowingly excellent comment but I'm aghast, you were a coal miner?

Good heavens, all the more reason for us to meet at the Club. White's, obvs.

LSP said...

Aesop, you drive a hard but fair bargain.