Wednesday, April 21, 2021



Ma'Khia got herself shot because she was a "very loving, peaceful little girl," until she tried to stab another girl. And that's just it, she probably was a loving little girl, with all that that entails, until something went wrong, drastically wrong. Then she became a stabba.

The problem here runs deep. Force, in the end, will solve it because we've apparently run out of reason. In the meanwhile, here's my kid from the Army in South Korea, "Dad, could your generation please sort it out, before we have to."

I'm afraid, Son, that the boat has sailed.

Your Old Pal,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

The police did what they are expected to do; protect the helpless from grievous harm. Immediately the grievance industry, Valarie Jarrett COO, jumped in.

Want systemic racism? Start with LBJ's "War on Poverty" and the breakdown of the nuclear family among the poor. Not too many convicts, of any ethnic group, are children of the wealthy.

Your son can well ask, who's watch did this occur on? Under which political party did it explode?

RHT447 said...

Right there with you. Our first grandchild is two months old. Many feelings, one of which is that I should apologize to him for what's coming. However, it ain't over, and thank God we are all in Texas. Yes, things very much need to get sorted out. Now. Evil has been emboldened by recent events. They will not stop until they ARE stopped.

I have seen advice that folks not fly the colors so as not to attract unwanted attention. Likely good advice for some. Personally, the colors stay up. This is Texas, and it is legal to hunt over bait.

Beans said...

She was a 'loving and peaceful girl' the same way that Dindu Nuffins was 'a good boy who provided for his family' (by selling drugs and ripping off other dealers) or 'was turning his/her/its life around' or 'He/She/It was a good Boy/Gir/Whatever.'

It's part of their culture. No personal responsibility at all.

LL said...

What is the origin of the name, "Ma'Khia". Is it Swahili? And what is a Khia, as in "keep yo rat claws off Ma Khia". Maybe Ebonic? And if you asked, did it cause her to pull a knife and stab you to death?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

It's all a cultural misunderstanding. Knife fights are common with black teenagers and the last thing they need is the white male oppressor pig coming in and shooting. Let the teenagers fight it out. It helps create good life skills.

SgtBob said...

The police do work in a quandary. Shoot, and face who knows what? Don't shoot, and face "Why didn't you do something?" Lots of blame fingers pointed at the Boomer generation (that's mine), but I'm calling farce on that accusation. My wife and I raised three kids in the way that they should go. Two are retired military and the third has about two years until retirement. Thank God we were all raised in Texas. That is a serious "Thank God."

Kid said...

Gotta say that chick looks like the moslem vermin, who with her boyfriend killed a bunch of people at his work Christmas party in San Bernardino.


On the objective side, I do applaud the cop for saving someone's life.

More broadly - and I acknowledge being vicious here - let them kill each other off.