Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Chatham Artillery


Have you heard of the Chatham Artillery? I hadn't, until 4Branch sent this:

The Chatham Light Artillery was organized in 1756 in Savannah, Georgia for service against the French and Indians and/or the odd Pirate.  The unit saw service here and there, and was involved in the American Revolution on the Rebel side.  Their service was so

prominent that Gen Washington and Lafayette awarded them the two brass field pieces, taken at Yorktown, now known as the 'Lafayette Guns'.

 CLA saw service in 1812, 1846, and 1861-65 with the Confederate Army.  The Lafayette guns were buried during the Yankee occupation of Savannah, to be resurrected along with the Battery when the tyrant's boot was lifted from the Southern neck.

They did duty in SpanAm war, and WWI, WWII and sundry mobilizations since, under various federal names concluding with

118th Field Artillery Brigade, now reorganized and reduced to a Battalion.  I am no longer current with the status of the unit or the guns.  In today's atmosphere, no doubt they're hidden away in some barn, to await a happy homecoming at some future date

The Lafayette guns were normally held on display in the square of that name in Savannah, and being paraded - and fired, on occasions of state.  The guns and trappings were maintained by the newest Cornets and Privates of the Regiment, supervised by the Sergeant Major.  Eventually the firing was stopped due to age and wear on the old tubes.

Respect to the 118th.

Nescit Cedere,



RHT447 said...

This video starts at the 0:20 mark, so back the slider up to the start. Watch the ridge line, first round clips the top out of the dead tree.


Can you imagine charging those guns?

LL said...

Artillery is called the King of the Battlefield for a reason.

LSP said...

I can, RHT, and what would be left at the end of it?

As an aside, I think on my generation, such as it is, and thank God most of us weren't called to do that. By way of explanation, I asked a friend a few years back, in London, "What was it like?" I know, stoopid question but anyway... he replied, "I tell you, we were asked to do things no human being should ever have to do."

He flew Mosquitoes (pathfinder) into AXIS ports. Respect and the same goes to your dad.

LSP said...

Mr. LL, I remember your story about being caught in an accidental barrage.

But yes, the DLV obvs needs MORE GUNS. We can strip them off redundant LCS, perhaps.