Thursday, April 1, 2021

Maundy Thursday Pistol


One of the things which happens on Maundy Thursday is that the priest gets to wash peoples' feet, as Christ washed his disciples' feet. My MC doesn't like it because he thinks it's "hokey," which perhaps it is. That in mind, most definitely a lesson in humility.

Regardless, there I was, about to wash a rancher's right foot, and there on a sock next to his boot was a compact S&W(?), a 9 or 40 I think. So I looked at the pistol, looked at the foot and did some quick math.

Should I bless the pistol and make it part of the rite or not? I chose the latter path, deciding to store up value for a later a date, a churchwide blessing of guns. Go long and hold, went the arithmetic.

Later, at the Pax, I told  my friend, "That was the safest footwashing I've ever seen." He replied, embarrassed, "Padre, I just forgot it was there, in my boot!" He needn't have worried, "Brother, next year we'll make it mandatory."

And that, all five of you readers, is the story of that. A short tale of God, country life and guns in Texas.

God bless,



Ok in Oklahoma said...

It's ok brother we are already being labeled as criminals, but here we are almost upon us is the Day of vengeance of our God. I'm saddened and my soul has been torn. been in prayer for God to confound the wicked plans of our enemies. May the people that fear God no mater what church be in prayer for repentance and protection for the dark days to come.

Jim said...

I like the Shield. I find them reliable and controllable even in the more potent calibers. You used to be able to find them at some really bargain prices as well.

MR2 said...

Levened bread at the table? Um, probably not...

My current pastor was the first to make me actually feel that he cared for my soul. Speaking of soles, he washed a few last evening during our sater supper.

Steve said...

I'm gonna barge in here and make a statement....Yes, washing the feet by a modern reverend is hokey.
I don't see or can connect how a mere mortal can replicate our Almighty's act. I have a hunch it's a "feel good" thing, foisted upon the giver and the receiver, by the new age religionists.

Old NFO said...

LOL, welcome to Texas... Surprised it wasn't a five shot snubbie! :-)

LSP said...

Amen, Ok.

Remember, Satan's been defeated and what's happening is a scorched earth act of rage. It'll end well, but in the meanwhile stand firm. And yes, pray for protection and repentance. It might well get hard for us.

LSP said...

Looks like a good pistol, Jim. But I've never shot one, just looked at them. So, yet another firearm to buy. Well, you know what they say, can't have too many guns.

LSP said...

MR2, very glad to hear you've got a good pastor. And I have to say, if you're not in it for the love of souls you shouldn't be there. Saying that, even the clergy grow in grace, so be merciful!

LSP said...

You might have a point, Steve. A sort of 1970s/80s liturgical renewal meets patristic(ish) texts meets socialism, sort of thing. Net result? Something fakey, embarrassing and kinda stupid.

Saying that, the rite's pretty ancient, going back, at least, to the 9thC(?) Council of Toledo, mentioned by St. Augustine et al.

I think, to cut to the chase, that it's meaningful and valid if done well, with solemnity and reverence in great cathedrals and monastic houses. But what am I saying? To your point, they don't do that no more. Hmmmm.

That in mind, my rancher pal found it powerful. I'll settle for that.

LSP said...

NFO, you're psychic, I was thinking exactly that.

BTW, always enjoyed shooting snubbies. Great little Chief Special pistol.