Saturday, April 17, 2021

NASA Picks Space X For Moon Shot


Elon Musk's Space Exploration Technologies Corp, Space X, have won NASA's contract for developing a spaceship to take mankind to the Moon, again.

Musk celebrated the deal by posting a photo of a Space X rocket on the Moon. Zoom in on the astronauts at the bottom of the image and look at their furry faces. Space Shibes? 

Look Closely

The Peoples Currency is bizarrely hodling its own, I was ready for a plummet, at around .26 following a retracement from an all time high of over .40. Not bad, given this week's crypto exuberance and subsequent correction. But who knows how this Wild West Moonshot plays out. Stay tuned.

Ad Lunam,



Infidel de Manahatta said...

The obvious answer is that the astronauts are the so-called "Dead" members of the Grateful Dead and The Moon is their home.

Kid said...

As long as that SpaceX ship doesn't return to Earth, but flies to Mars then on to infinity and beyond !

LSP said...

That, Infidel, is an excellent answer. Speaking of which, what's your choice for Jukebox Monday?

LSP said...

Kid, I'd like to say I could somehow predict this but... I can't! In the meanwhile, the pup's +13% and gamboling about in the .320/30s.

And there goes my strategy. I was hoping for a fallback to somewhere in the .10s and another buy in. But no. The Shiba wanted to play. BAD DOG. But hey, I'll take another run.