Thursday, April 23, 2020

Go On, Unload The Truck

The local food bank was taking delivery of a big shipment this morning so I lent a hand unloading the truck. This meant I had to wear a mask for the first time in this strange and dystopic plague year.

Was the wretched mask necessary, and the curious black latex gloves which went with it? Who knows, they're just a "rule" at the food bank, but a Spyderco Persistence certainly came in handy for taking down boxes. It's my pandemic knife carry and seems right for the season.

Fascinating knives aside, there's a small Americana museum next door to the food bank, I think it's an excuse for someone to store his collection, and part of that means several ancient vehicles rusting in a lot beside the building. 

You can imagine the wonder of their makers at being told America would be shut down and 26 million unemployed in 2020 because of a Chinese Virus.

After a couple of hours the job was done and I headed off to Walmart to get some supplies for an elderly lady who doesn't get out much. You'll be glad to know this included a bottle of red wine, which she likes.

And please say a prayer for Linda G, a frequent commenter on this shallow mind blog. She lost her house to a tornado yesterday but, thank God, is safe and unharmed. 

LL puts it well, "Her comments on her own blog and on this one reflect her inner strength, her faith in God and her towering grace of spirit and love toward all." Well said, Mr. Wolf, and God bless you and give you strength, Linda.

Your Old Friend,



Kid said...

Prayers for Linda G.

Adrienne said...

Prayers are necessary, but so is cold hard cash. So lets start planning now on how to collect some money for our sister, Linda

LSP said...

Good call, Adrienne. On it.

LSP said...

Right on, Kid.

LL said...

I dropped off several cases of chili, Rosarita re-fried beans, and canned corn at the St. Vincent de Paul food bank in Payson, AZ yesterday. The people working there were all arrayed much as you were. I simply told them that "The Penguin sent me."

"Are you a musician?"

"No, I'm the police."

Ah, the Blues Brothers - the hits keep coming.

Sister Mary Stigmata: You two are such a disappointing pair! I prayed so hard for you both. It saddens and hurts me that the two young men whom I raised to believe in the Ten Commandments have returned to me as two thieves with filthy mouths, disgusting lies and bad attitudes. Get out! And don't come back...until you've redeemed yourselves.

Carry on, LSP.

Dad of Six said...

Putting Charity into action. I like that Padre!

Memorare said for Linda G, and will add her to our Rosary intentions.

LSP said...

LL, I applaud your charity, which I know is a personal rule.

Always enjoyed the Blues Brothers.

LSP said...

Good man, DOS.

Adrienne said...

From Linda on Facecrap when I mentioned a little financial help:

Wow. That would be welcome. The house is a total loss. 130-150 years old. No one would insure it so no insurance. I just keep reminding myself that we are blessed and God will show us the way. Try to post some pictures but fb is a brat.

I already told LL on his blog. The fees at GoFundMe are reasonable (IMO) Now we just have to decide who gets to set it up. After we do, we can all reach out to our blog buddies for a bit of linking and advert.

drjim said...

Bless you, Parson, for checking on the shut-ins and less fortunate.

Christ in Action!