Monday, April 6, 2020

Skorzeny Requiem

Otto Skorzeny, the same Otto who rescued a doomed Benito in a Fieseler Storch, went on to live and prosper. Skorzeny wasn't charged with war crimes, he lived instead in Portugal and elsewhere, and lived handsomely. Why?

Could it be that Otto was subcontracted by our own Power to do its "wetwork"? Don't say Kennedy. Instead, watch this short clip of the spec ops supremo's Requiem, and ask yourself, how many people in the funeral worked for US.

Just a thought. 




Adrienne said...

The Nazi salute was a nice touch - particularly at a Roman Catholic funeral (if I'm not mistaken)

edutcher said...

We hired our share.

the irony was, like Otto, they were more hat than cattle. Skorzeny had little to do with the Gran Sasso. Ramcke's paratroopers did the job. Otto just made sure he was sitting next to Mussolini when the plane took off (almost making it too heavy to reach escape velocity).

The CIA tried to use people like Klaus Barbie to find Commies in Western Europe because he had been the Butcher of Lyons. Push came to shove, he, like Sgt Schultz, really knew nothing.

LSP said...

Adrienne, they were all still running around, well, shuffling, in the '70s... Did you notice the sinister fella in the sunglasses who DIDN'T cross himself? At least he was honest.

LSP said...

edutcher, my mind goes to Himmler driving about in a Benz cavalcade at the end of things, convinced he could strike a deal. Well, he had more than half point.

OS? I don't know, professional soldier who hated the Bolsheviks, which I get. Still, zoom in on the man with the shades who rejects the liturgy. Struck me as evil. Don't know who he is.

LL said...

I thought that he worked for the British after the war. He could have worked for the OSS and its successor as well. Is there a problem with that?

LSP said...

I'm no expert, LL, but I'd imagine we were keen to recruit all the help we could get.

Dad of Six said...

Nice size crowd.

The "Nazi Salute" may have been the tennis shoe 'c'atholics in the crowd...sorta of like the LA Educational Conference Masses where everyone gets to "consecrate" the sacred species. That has more "Nazi Salutes" than a Nuremburg rally.

LSP said...

DOS, you make an excellent point.

You'll be glad to know I avoid "concelebration."